Highway Traffic Management

The HTMS covers the wayside apparatus combined to provide the safe and secure services to highway consumers. Traffic is one among the bigger issue for all people who drive the vehicle need to wait for a longer period and some other troubles. So the HTMS gathers data from roadside equipment to improve the smooth traffic movement and timely reaction to complication situations. HTMS is also known as highway traffic management system adds diverse technologies to enhance traffic flow and high-level security. The real-time data will gather from the traffic detection procedure flows into TCC (Traffic Control Center) with improving traffic flow and reduce losses. The gathered data in the traffic will be transmitted to drivers in the real-time via various ways like message signs, radio, mobile apps, etc.  And the traffic data is collected, analyzed and combined with a traffic control center and communicated to drivers in real-time via many ways like messages signs, mobile notifications and also radios.


It includes a wide array and expandable platform for the effective transportation management solutions provides insight along with the process-wide incorporation of information. It also centralizes the traffic command operations through using data gathered from various systems and various locations. The system also delivers solutions for the regions to handle the transportation network and enhance the user driving experience. The CMECS provide assistance to traffic authorities and transit in the following:

  • Reduced road congestions.
  • Analyze traffic situation advance in an hour.
  • Enhance response to road conditions and incidents.
  • It Improved visibility of road incidents all over different traffic systems.
  • Analyze the transportation vehicles arriving times.
  • It Improved visibility of transport vehicles, fleet services, and some others.
  • Estimate the traffic blockage on the transport system and performance effectively.
  • It not only monitors nevertheless track the lifecycle of the product.
  • It also gets SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for any happenings through triggering the entire support systems as well as tracking the results.
  • It also delivers real-time predicted details from the traffic analysis to the highway users depend on the inc

Advanced HTMS Technology-


CCR is also known as Central Control Room facilitates you to regulate and control whole highway traffic section. You can get everything clear related to the traffic from the equipment like VIDS, CCTVs, etc. installed specific places on the highway. The CCR also produces and broadcasts essential details through various signs to let intervention. Some of the additional features engaged in the CCR in the following:


ECB is also known as Emergency Call Box delivers fast, modern response to emergency situations, accidents, roadside safety and instant assistance. They also utilize communication networks related to the GSM or OFC. The ECB mounted on the road side and includes control center located in the MOB (Maintenance and Operation Base).


VMS is also known as Variable Message Sign is a significant system aid to send details directly and real-time to the drivers. The roads placed boards with the VMS show the real-time information to all the road users in the following: Road closure, alternative routes, and diversions, Traffic flow, congestions or speed limit, Work ahead, hazardous situations and incoming traffic situation, Public transport availability, Temperature, date, time and weather condition


ATCC is also known as Automatic Traffic Counter, and Classifier counts detect and classify the entire traffic passing where it mounted. It also has the ability to measures the present vehicle speed and sends details to the interval time. The highway traffic system of LPR and ATCC function at once for the charging roadside, monitoring highway or implementation. However, the ATCC counts the traffic flow in the real time and detect the queues, sort vehicles, congestions, and speed. The obtained information revealed via VMS. It also delivers help to drivers by making aware on the accessible traffic conditions and makes their decisions right to avoid hazards before happens. By the helpful system, the rule of vehicle speed limit and several road accidents reduced.

Central Control Room:

The Housys central control room always controls and maintains the each and every section of the highway traffic system. It helps to alert the people in case of any incidents detects on the road.  It has more equipment such as VIDS, CCTV and much more.

Emergency Call Box:

The roadside emergency call boxes give a quick, enhanced and modern response to accidents and also the emergency traffic situations.  And it also helps to improve the roadside safety without any trouble and interruptions.  And they use the communication networks based technology such as OFC and GSM that monitor each and every issue on the road and immediately bring the notification to you.


The close circuit monitoring systems are extremely helpful for the road section surveillance. The CCTV cameras with pan, zoom and tilt features placed in the right position specifically for the highway surveillance while the vandal dome cameras right and suitable one for the high-level criminality arenas.

Speed Enforcement:

Speed enforcement cameras with video identify, and radars are assists to perfectly find out the over speeding vehicle with the number plate. It is more reliable for the traffic management systems.

Methodological Data System:

\they use the methodological data system that informs in updating weather conditions to the drivers via mobile phone notifications without any interruptions to save the people. It is an electronic device, and it recharges themselves from the rechargeable batteries.