Housys home automation products are designed in the form of integrated model to provide better control

Home Automation System

Home Automation is all about to make our homes more comfortable, safe and secure for all family members. Home Automation solution is integrated model that that allow family members to have better control with energy saving with help of new ideas and technology.

•  Improve overall living experience
•  Improve energy saving
•  Improve comfort level
•  Simplify use of technology
•  Better monitoring and accessibility
•  Improve flexibility with convenience
•  Ensure safety, security with controlled access

Indoor Touch Panel
•  9.0″ touch screen monitor with video communication
•  Smart home control functions
•  Receive messages from outdoor station
•  Light, music , security panel controls with single touch
•  Connect with dimmer and other control accessories over server
•  Independent and overall control over the lights, music, curtain etc.
•  Video communication within the home, apartment and main entry station

Touch indoor screen

Outdoor Video Door Bell
•  IC/ID card unlock
•  Upgraded by Software
•  Web server for settings
•  Connect to IP monitor over Ethernet
•  Flush mount and surface mount options
•  Max support 8 front door stations
•  Colour CCD camera with Infrared LED light compensation


Wireless Controller
•  Support wireless STA / AP mode
•  Provide Web configuration page
•  Support 802.11b / g / n wireless standards
•  Support TCP / IP / UDP network protocol stack
•  The maximum number of TCP connections: 32
•  Can register up to 8 RF wireless portable remote controller-8 buttons


Switch Control Module
•  Can work after setting. from server
•  Can control lights, fan, curtain etc.
•  Bidirectional wireless communication technology
•  Connect with the 4-channel on-off control device
•  Work along with the switch panel and remote control

switch control

Dimmer Module
•  Able to accommodate a wide range of Fans and Bulbs
•  Energy saving technology that will improve daily lifestyle
•  Automatically resumes dimming level after power interruption
•  Synchronized with server over LAN or WiFi or Independent Remote control
•  Connector interface with easy installation in existing system
•  Advanced dimming circuitry compatibility with all bulbs and CFL Lights




Home Automation System Architecture

Home automation diagram