Our Home security system with flexible design and user friendly application can provide more secure operations

Home Security System

Multi-Apartment Calling System: MACS solution used at multi-stories buildings where centralized video calling system in installed. Touch screen TAB will be installed at each flat and Lobby Panel with camera and flat numbers installed at main entry of whole building. Intercom can also attach with multi-apartment system, using this flat members can talk to each other. Integrated access Control Locks can be unlocking with single touch.

The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling.

• Alpha-numeric room numbering to get connect in any tower or flat.
• Access control from inside station to calling entrance (door release)
• Door release timer (momentary-20 seconds
• Security guard can screen calls from visitors
• Optional individual doorbell to ring resident stations
• Optional panic call switch for emergency calling to guard room
• Resident can view entrance station by pressing “key” button
• LED’s at door station for video communication in low light condition
• Both audio/video and audio-only entrance station can be combined in same system
• Security guard station can be included to provide communication between office/lobby and resident

Large variety of entrance and resident stations – building can have a mix of all stations.

Door Bell
•  Zinc Alloy pinhole outdoor station
•  High Resolution 700 TVL
•  Anti-Vandal
•  IR LED for night Vision
•  Volume Adjustment
•  Release NO/NC types of electric locks

pinhole door bell

Outdoor Entrance Panel
•  5.6″ TFT-LCD touch screen
•  Door contact alarm function
•  Lift-call function (optional)
•  TCP\IP protocol with network function
•  Digital video / audio coding with Multi-channel
•  Max. 400,000 cards ,500,000 door phones capacity
•  CCD infrared night vision compensation function
•  Call center unit and talk directly, remote unlocking
•  Password unlocking, door control unlocking optional
•  Calling divert, manage, avoid disturb, multi door phones

main door panel

Guard Intercom Station
•  6″ TFT-LCD, monitor entrance situation
•  Remote unlock to electric lock
•  Menu for operation instruction
•  Receive alarms or calls from residents
•  Display and record alarm time, location
•  Monitor each gate station, sub gate station and entrance station
•  Self-protection function when power is off, keep all data for the system
•  Intercom function with gate stations, sub gate stations, entrance stations

guard station

Indoor Touch Panel
•  Wall hanging install, Touch operation.
•  7.0′ touch screen monitor, high resolution LCD Display
•  Ringtone Download and Silent Mode
•  Function for lift, Call Divert and remote unlock
•  Call the other tenant for intercom, Bidirectional video
•  Can call the Control Center, send the emergency to Control Center
•  Connect up to 2 door station, 4 CCTV cameras, 3 slave monitor and Guard station


Slave Monitor
•  Hands-free intercom, remote unlock
•  Snapshot and check messages
•  4.3 ‘color video intercom touch screen monitor
•  Can work with doorbell and alarm equipment
•  Connect Up to 2 Door Station and 1 inter phone
•  Suit for large community with Wall-mounted option
•  Emergency alarm to the management center

slave monitor

Home Security System Architecture