Housys provide smart parking guidance systems with flexible design and extensible functions at reasonable cost.

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Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System provides drivers with a real-time indication of available parking spaces. Drivers no longer need to drive in circles “hunting” for available parking lots. Multiple display boards at strategic locations ensure that drivers are directed to the nearest available space.

It is quick and easy for parkers to find vacant bays using a combination of signs and bay indicators. Once the customer reaches an aisle with bays available, they will be able to easily identify the vacant bays at a glance.

•  Multi Occupation or RGB upgrade possibility
•  Statistic reports increase value and performance of car park
•  Integrated “Find Your Car” system solves problem of finding a parked car
•  An ultrasonic parking guidance system reduces “time to find a space” by 54%.
•  Noticeably reduces congestion in the car park, allowing for faster exiting speed
•  System indicators lights are LED, so the pilot lights are visible from any point of the parking facility
•  Its detection reliability and its robustness (IP65) make Standard PGS the most reliable system in the market
•  Set different status by changing the pilot light color (RBG) or make it easier by using one pilot indicator per 3 parking spaces
•  Creates 100% usage of the car park by making every space “visible” to the drivers with decision point signage Less labour is required to manage the parking

Intelligent Guidance System
Parking guidance system with intelligent functions and smart features guide users to find their parking lot in minimum possible time with the help of digital display system and red and green led lights to identify vacant slot. Its flexible architecture can be easily integrate with light management system, Mobile App and SMS features.
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Outdoor Parking Guidance System
Outdoor Parking Guidance system with help of geomagnetic sensor detects the vehicle presence at each slot. It helps to guide users to find vacant parking bay with the help of Digital display system and outdoor led indication. It flexible architecture allow it to integrate with physical barrier to restrict users to enter into fully occupied zone.
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Outdoor Parking Guidance

Parking Information System
Parking Information system is economical solution and especially designed for small car parks. This system guide users to find parking lots by showing vacancy status of each zone through digital display system. Its flexible architecture allow it to integrate with physical barrier to manage parking zone on “Full” and ‘Vacant” Status.
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