Automatic Car Parking System

Housys’s fully automated car parking system upsurge parking up to 100% by gliding cars closer organized, both side-to-side plus bumper-to-bumper. Our parking stage permits parking two levels deep through independent control to any car. This may maximize space usually lost in driving lanes plus behind columns. Our turntable permits convenient access in slight and limited spaces.

Our Automated Benefit-

  • Integrated turntable choice.
  • 2-minute recovery times
  • Relaxed operation with numerous control choices.
  • Doubles parking capability over comparably sized conformist garages.
  • Delivers for the secure/ safe parking of cars through safety benefits for users.
  • Accommodates diverse car heights also large, luxury cars.
  • Safety against theft, vandalism and damage.
  • Ecologically friendly.

Our automated parking systems in car decrease pollution as of parking by over 90% for the reason that we remove the driving for the parking as well as are able to transfer all the cars deprived of consuming any fuel.

Housys Parking Solutions manages and organizes the planning as well as implementation of completely automated car parking systems worldwide. The type of automated parking technology syndicates maximum storage capability and optimum user ease, with zero sacrifice on behalf of vehicle or customer security.

Once the consumer has dropped off the car in the hand-over room, our crane mechanism takes the car in the exact direction also transports the car into the shelf system, wherever the car is safely placed in a vacant parking unit.

These unique types of our automatic parking system in cars are that even the place between the hand-over room as well as the destination may be used for keeping cars as it consists of a stand of movable parking units.

Our systems are intended and designed by our technicians rendering to the requirements of each specific client. Installations as well as maintenance are supported by our competent staff. Our company plans and installs automated parking in globally, while assuring the professional aid of our qualified employees.

Housys is a turn-key supplier of automated parking resolutions through numerous installations all over the world. Our concern has several years of experience offering proficiency in the design, production, and fixing of automatic parking systems. Housys is a complete one-stop-shop delivering auto parking solutions for office spaces, residential complexes, municipal parking, plus other mainly populated structures. We pay attention of the design, engineering, and preservation of the automated parking garage place.

Our Parking Automation Systems offers an extensive range of automatic parking arrangements. We can analysis your parking requirements and help you in selecting structures that will permit your project to attain maximum car storage.

Our Parking Automation offers an extensive line of automated parking products. Our employee can evaluate the different needs of your venture, and offer solutions, that will make the very greatest use of the limited place you have to store cars.

Housys’s Architects as well as developers use fewer places for parking and make space for design, development also community improvements.

  • Create extra saleable space by consuming Automated Parking Systems
  • Place gained can be castoff for green space also open areas to see LEED standards
  • Provides faster repossession times than another automated garage otherwise ramp-style car parks
  • Our Automated parking cars provides security for both specific and car
  • Housys’s Parking System provides users best valet service deprived of the valet
  • It reduces CO2 productions and other impurities in addition to greenhouse gases
  • Supple design permits this automated parking garage to fitting into any neighborhood otherwise project
  • Our automatic car parking systems prevent traffic congestion

Our Parking Automation included of a parking rack also at least one car-lifting feeder. This parking automatic car rack is alienated into a variety of parking places. This feeder has a couple of comb-like arms for taking a car into a couple of comb-like stages that are finished on each parking places in the parking rack.

Housys’s Automated Car parking managing system permits an error-free, swift read, non-duplicable substitute to the outdated means of site safety. With a variation of transponder method factors which can be straddling on or within the car, people can arrive a secured area deprived of opening a door otherwise a window to get authorization. By our automated car parking managing system, we can accommodate extra cars in fewer spaces. This formula may be applied to nearly any urban in the world. This is perhaps the prime causes why automatic car park arrangements are a very striking alternative to conformist car parking systems by creating use of accessible space in well-organized manner.