Parking Guidance System 

For years, these were only probable to track occupied plus unoccupied spaces. Through its core commercial intelligence, the camera built Housys smart-sensor organization for parking guidance retains a finger on the beat on the preferences, behaviors and usage outlines across your parking services.

Gain improved control while cutting costs

Until Housys parking systems were probable to do just single thing: the following of empty places in order to deliver parking guidance. Since the overview of our innovatory camera based unique sensor system — those prospects have changed intensely. Housys smart-sensor cameras association with assimilated License Plate Recognition – and the commercial intelligence of our core method – to monitor the facility 24/7. As an importance, you gain the difficulty and breadth of switch it takes to confirm a streamlined and extremely profitable process.

Upsurge revenues through premium pricing.

You recognize where the maximum desirable places are in your parking service. The point is, parkers are arriving through the day that would happily pay for these spaces. This is particularly true throughout peak-activity times, while your facility is getting full capacity.

Our unique sensor cameras may capture streaming video when motion is identified in or around a planetary. Or unceasingly, if desired. Giving an extended level of safety that will otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Build a subsequent with a superior knowledge.

Our parking guidance comprises front-line way finding signage at each key judgment point. Bright LEDs on these smart-sensors stick parkers to open places. Touchscreen stands help find their cars upon return. The type of conveniences which increase market share as well as repeat business.

Housys is a price delicate manufacturer and supplier of parking guidance system machinery that competes through ultrasonic and another camera-based system with superior progressive technology. Housys systems drive better performance, better efficiency, increased revenue, safety, increased security, an elevated parker knowledge as well as ROI. Our systems aid to provide vehicle info to the operator in equally parking garages plus outdoor car parks. The marketplaces we help comprise shopping also retail centers, airports, mixed use facilities, hospitals, corporate campuses, colleges and universities, casino plus gaming facilities, citywide guidance, consultants, architects, engineers as well as parking system integrators.