Housys Parking Management System delivers intelligent parking programs and solutions for drivers

Parking Management System

The current scenario in main towns and cities is the ever-growing human populace along with vehicle population. It has given rise to the requirement for multi-level parking lots. Publics tend to get irritated in searching a parking spot in vast parking lots if not directed properly.

Housys Parking Management system helps people search parking spots with comfort at real time as well as deliver a smooth flow of transportation to upsurge the revenue collection. When a vehicle enters a parking lot it may be guided with the aid of sensors otherwise over head lights on the accessibility of parking spots. For example, a green light shows vacant spot where as a red light will indicate a parked spot. Therefore the driver can steer himself to the vacant spot. This decreases the dependency on additional attendants and decreases operational costs.

Technologically progressive RFID tag based structure provided by Housys is a unique method of collecting parking income. Customers fill assured amount of cash in the tags done POS facilities. While the vehicle is at leaving point, another RFID reader perceives the time paid in the parking lot allots it in a price bracket plus automatically subtracts the respective amount as of the tag. In case of any defilement the vehicle may be guided to the POS service where he can give the penalties.

Housys aims to make the most of your revenues in your parking processes and provide a stirring experience for consumers as soon as they go the parking lot.

For municipal customers balancing budgetary trials, consumer service, also personnel, there’s frequently little time to consider about refining parking. We want to aid cities get the maximum out of their parking packages, whether off-street or on-street. As an integrator, we’re capable to combine multiple tasks into a single obligation center for enhanced performance. We can support you answer these queries and more, placing your parking and flexibility system for incessant evolution in the years to come.
We offer perfect and appropriate parking management systems which increase turnover, decrease congestion, and recover productivity of the total parking program. These systems as well as services include:

• Violation handling: enterprise level otherwise off-the-shelf
• Sensor, meter and off-street revenue assortment systems
• Advance data analytics, maintained by data scientists plus subject matter specialists, comprising data-driven decision-making
• Achieved receivables also collections, comprising innovative payment plans.