Toll Management

The Housys Advanced tolling systems help you centrally manage the toll operations using a single integrated solution. And they are a global leader in providing the best and perfect end to end solutions for toll management system. The toll management system has broadly used by many government organizations, agencies, cities, transport corporations and logistic companies for improvement of their business process. And they provide innovative and creativity for the intelligent transportation system industry in India. They offer outstanding, reliable and mature technologies based on open principles and established interoperability concepts.  Their electronic tolling system and traffic managements permit for endless top collection and traffic monitoring.  Their toll management system was equipped with many exciting technologies such as Vehicle classification sensors, GPS module communication, Computer system, Electronically collect the toll, Data collection, Traffic monitoring and much more.

The Housys toll management system furthermore come together with vehicle classifications, collected fares, and vehicle speeds, data on traffic volumes, and sends you comprehensive reports. The Housys tolling system is familiar in this world because they use the combinations of best techniques and updating technologies for reducing the traffic problems on the toll. The Housys use the technological techniques contribute to increasing the operation effective and efficient.  And this toll management system help to reduce the pollution, safety and enhance the travel time of the roadway amenities. They provide required capabilities for a future application like alternate route guidance, incident management and also the travel demand management.

Features Of Our Toll Management System-

They provide the outstanding toll management systems that come up with plenty of features such as

  • Highly standard vehicle detection system
  • Offline work capability
  • Many sorts of cards
  • Security services
  • Smart card and pre-post paid options
  • Automatic data backups
  • Supports variety of TMS hardware
  • Double visual verification of toll transactions
  • Monitor toll from anywhere using the web and the internet
  • Capture maximum data for ticket collection
  • These technologies are helping to read bulk of cards at the same time without any issues
  • Automatically stored the toll information
  • It takes just a minute to complete all the toll process
  • All the information stored in different storage space.
  • It provides high-frequency data to complete the entire work.

They are known as the familiar organization in the toll management field of operation and busy in providing the broad range of outstanding quality of toll management system. The Housys toll management system is very simple and easy to operate, and provide amazing functionality and also provide high performance. They have a link with various toll collection companies in India they all believe them without any hesitations and trouble.

Why Housys Toll Management Systems?

They use advanced technologies to develop the perfect and reliable toll management system such as

Get Rid Of Fraud And Make The Best Use Of Revenue:

They advanced analytics system that improves each and every transaction is auditable, and fraud eliminated. And the system mechanically checks for omissions without any additional effort at your hand.

Quick Processing:

 It improves a faster and convenient payment process for customers with their multiple payment methods that aid pre-integrated and tested standards.

Enhance Vehicle Classification:

Their mechanical vehicle classification systems make things easier the most difficult vehicle classification needs throughout this world.

Simple Organization Control Panel:

They have the simple control panel management that makes it easy for you to understand the reports within a fraction of seconds. And their tool works on tablets, mobile phones, and laptops and sends you an instant notification if any incident detections.

Prevent Any System At Downtime:

They improve the minimum preventive maintenance and quick turnaround time for any updates with the help of pre-failure analytics system.

Routine Vehicle Classification:

They use the advanced technology of automatic vehicle identification system that contributes to finding the vehicle on the roadways. And they use other technology for vehicle identification like ultra high frequency, passive TAGS, high frequency and MIFARE smart card and much more.


They use the RFID system that provides a high-speed response to the barriers when they pay the toll. It quickly communicated with the software and check payment terms and permits the vehicle to access.

Comfortable Toll Management System-

  • The Housys toll management system is an integration of hardware and software that permit manual toll collection to be automated.
  • Moreover, it is one of the simple and easy ways the toll barrier combine with toll ticket machine.
  • And the barriers get an open command from the toll machine and close after passing vehicle from loop sensor.
  • These processes are runs when you pay the toll.
  • And the barriers no need to stop their vehicle and pay the toll because the toll management system has the sensor technology that scans your card and mechanically collected by the machine.
  • The toll management system is one of the best choices for the developing cities that contribute barriers to save their energy as well as time without any trouble and issues.
  • It quickly response you to provide the open command within a fraction of seconds.
  • It only allows the vehicle to run after completed the payment process so no one can escape from the toll without complete the payment process.
  • Use of toll collectors voices soundtrack in conversation with the patrons with the assists of transactional data.