Housys intelligent control systems with flexible design to provide better integrated traffic management model

Transport Management Solutions

Toll Management System
A Toll Management System is put in place to collect revenue and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation by concessionaires, private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to end user.
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Traffic Management System
The traffic management is a perspective that integrates technology primarily to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from cameras, speed sensors, etc. flows into a Transport Management Center  where it is integrated and processed, and may result in actions taken with the goal of improving traffic flow.
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Tranport system

Automatic Weighbridge System
Weighbridges play a vital role across a diverse range of industries. They provide valuable weight data for incoming and outgoing vehicles at various application areas like industries / factories, coal mines, highways etc. In addition, weighbridges act as critical control points at many sites and can be used to improve on-site traffic flow and site security.

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Siemens auf der Intertraffic 2014 / Siemens at Intertraffic 2014