HOUSYS SERIES OF VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS help to manage visitor with footfall records and appointments

Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor Management System
Electronic visitor management systems are used to sign-in and track visitors who come to visit a facility. Visitor information is stored in a computer database, which allows the ability to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. These reports can be used to tell how many times a visitor signed-in, signed-out, who they were there to see, etc. These information is critical during security investigations or to audit billings of vendors and contractors.
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Queue Management System
A queuing management system provides an identity for clients, commonly giving them reference numbers; there are also instances when clients are given a fixed identity stored on a local data bank. This identity records their time of entry, thus, a queue. Queuing lines are no longer needed as line is progressing virtually on a computer, addressing one-by-one the clients who are to be entertained next.
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People Counting System
A people counter is a device used to count the number of pedestrians walking through a door or corridor. Most of the time, this system is used at the entrance of a building so that the total number of visitors can be recorded. People counting system is important in security application (in the case of an evacuation, it is essential to know how many people are inside the building at any given time).
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