The Stringent Toll Management Solutions Introduced To Penalise The Motorist Who Evade Toll Fees

Technology has always has simplified human lives, whether it is managing the daily task in the office or at home or its management of transportation system. The end result has been lesser time loss and more productivity. The electronic toll collection is one such aspect of technological advancement that has simplified road tax collection from the commuters passing the toll. Compared to the earlier times, the modern electronic toll collection works differently, many cities have implemented in-vehicle devices for highway toll deductions. This device is linked to the driver’s bank account and the toll is auto-deducted. This might sound automagical to many countries that are still in the phase of introducing modern and computerized toll management solutions, but such methods are highly effective and time-saving.

Why is it important to make the toll management solution more stringent at some checkpoints?

Countries like Singapore which are a hub for many commuters, owing to the great employment opportunities for people see a lot of people traveling to the city with the Woodlands checkpoint being the busiest checkpoint in the world. The difficult situation arises when few motorists try to evade the toll to escape the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees and fixed Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fees while entering or leaving Singapore. In order to combat this situation, the Land transport Authority has decided to levy heavy compensation fine to the defaulters. The toll management solutions has been made stringent, it has been decided that a fine s$50 will be imposed on the motorists who evade the toll and in the case of repeating the fault, they will be levied the penalty of S$500. The sole reason to impose such heavy penalties is to ensure that each motorist pays the toll taxes and road taxes.

Moreover, the motorists who try to escape this sum is further liable on conviction to a fine of an amount not exceeding S $1000 or imprisonment for a maximum of 3 months for the first time defaults.

The faults of old way of electronic toll collection system:

The toll management solutions need to be modernized in some nations who still work on slotting in the cash cards, but sometimes this becomes difficult to move out of the car every time to pay the toll. In order, to solve this problem modern electronic toll collection should be installed, such type of system has its presence in China and many other nations while other nations need to gear up and plan to implement it. This will not only help in proper tax collection but at the same time it will save a lot of time and prevent the chaos that we often face at the toll.

The future of electronic toll management solutions:

Many companies have developed the electronic toll collection solution, Houston System is one of them. We have the best state of the art technology in hand that has provided effective toll management solutions . Toll management is the immediate and emergent needs, as more and more people travel every day from one city to another for the job and other works it becomes important to impose taxes which eventually helps in maintaining the road and providing other facilities to the passengers who travel rigorously.

Countries like Singapore that see a plethora of people entering and leaving the city every day have imposed stringent and stiff policies pertaining to tax collection to ensure road safety and security.

The electronic toll management solutions are the need of the hour and cannot be out on backlog. Implementing one of these solutions will help in better traffic management and ensure proper tax collection which will further help in improving the infrastructure of the highway.

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