Tripod Turnstile – An Electronic Restriction For Unauthorized Entrants

Safety and security are of prime concern for everyone. As a result of the growth of technology, we have some great products available. It is known fact that technology has helped every industry reach new heights, similar is the case with a security system. Whether we are living in a society, apartment, moving to the railway station, airport, malls or anywhere else, we can see some of the states of the art machinery of security system being mounted at a different place. Some of the common securities devices present around us include:

  • Flap Barriers
  • Boom barriers
  • Bollards
  • Tripod turnstile
  • Conventional fire alarm
  • Intercom system
  • Biometric solutions
  • CCTVs etc.

Although, all these security devices have their own advantage and benefits but here we will discuss the importance of tripod turnstile.

What is tripod turnstile?

Tripod Turnstile is a great security solution which provides both mechanical and electronic restriction for the illicit entrants.

It can be combined with time and attendance reader which can be used to record the attendance of employees.Since it allows the entry of single person at a time, it ensures that every individual passes through a thorough security check.

Why tripod turnstile placed at entrants:

Tripod Turnstile are one of the trusted devices for  security check, here is how they play an important role:

  • Since they are made from metal , they are vandal free
  • A good quality tripod turnstile is free from regular wear and tear
  • They allow entrance of only one entrant at a time and hence ensures through security check
  • The intricate design of the tripod turnstile ensures that only one entrant is allowed to move in mechanically and electronically.
  • It can be linked to access control module which helps to track the attendance of employees
  • They are strong and ensure improved security measures.
  • It provides seamless operational flexibility by streamlining the entry

Types of turnstile:

Turnstiles can be divided into three categories:

  1. Optical
  2. Full Height
  3. Waist height

You can choose a specific type of turnstile depending on kind of application. Selecting the right turnstile takes into account myriads of factors like

  • Area of application
  • Number of people visiting the area
  • Personal use or professional application
  • Indoor usage or outdoor usage
  • And last but not the least your budget.

Brief overview of types of turnstile:

  1. Optical: Optical turnstiles are sensor based and are aesthetically designed. They are a good choice for areas like health clubs, corporate lobbies, employee entrance, multi-tenant building etc.
  2. Full Height: it consists of rotating barriers that are extended from the bottom to the top of the turnstile. It gives an appearance of the revolving door. This kind of turnstile is used in high security and sensitive area like a military base, parking lot etc.
  3. Waist Height– This kind of turnstile has a tripod barrier which is located at the waist height. Because of its rugged and robust design and construction, these barriers last for ages without suffering from regular wear and tear. They find perfect application in visitor entrance areas, lobby, employees’ access in the office etc.

Our Role:

There are many companies working in this domain but Houston System has attained enviable position owing to our high-quality product and affordability factor. Apart from this, our designed tripod turnstile is in high demand because of their low maintenance cost and our continuous customer support.

It is difficult to imagine a place which is ill-equipped when it comes security system. They are not just a requirement rather they have become the necessity today. If you wish to know more about our products, you can connect with us over email or call.

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