Tripod Turnstile Give A Best Solution For Passenger Access Control To The Paid Areas

What they are

A tripod turnstile also spelt as turnstyle is a kind of a gate which allows access to one person at a time. These gates allows one way traffic control and allows access only to people who are able to insert some kind of coin or token or ticket to the surface of the turnstile gate. Thus it is of no surprise that a tripod turnstile gate is used in the case of paid access, and the access is more or less allowed in public places.

It allows access protection mainly because it allows paid access so anybody who has not purchased the required ticket or token to enter the public place will not be allowed access to it, and similarly exit from it is also sometimes denied if the person is unable to bring forth the concerned token at times. For example at subway stations, the token has to be used two times for the turnstile to allow access as well as exit to the person from the subway station.

Turnstiles are even used for parking management, a turnstile in a parking lot does the same work that a turnstile does in an amusement park, once the car which wants to park at a certain parking lot has entered the lot, the turnstile stops it from accessing the lot till the driver purchases a ticket which when touched to its digital screen the turnstile allows access, and the driver has to follow the same procedure while coming back. On the digital display a driver has to put down his time of entry and exit in order for the proper token to come out.

The types.

Turnstiles, just like every other gadget or device also comes in various types and they are :

  • Half – height turnstiles – These are also known as waist high turnstiles and they are usually found in public places like amusement parks and museums which experience a lot of people traffic almost every day. The person trying to enter the park has to punch their token on the screen of the turnstile after which the turnstile loosens its tripod to allow that person to pass through but the turnstile makes sure that nobody else but the person only has passed through. The smart gadget adjusts its speed in such a way that at a time only one person can pass through it.
  • Optical turnstiles – these turnstiles are basically used in places which does not allow physical access to anyone, very opposite in its use, an optical turnstile used infra red beams and sets off an alarm as soon as anyone even tries to enter an area which has been put under restriction. These beams are usually seen in movies.
  • Drop Arm turnstile – the drop arm turnstile works more or less like a boom barrier, it allows access by lifting its arm and denies access by dropping its arm. These are usually used on lane to control pedestrian traffic and one lane can have more than one drop arm turnstile, usually there are two one on each side of the lane.
  • Turnstiles of full height – These are mainly of two types HEET or Height entrance exit turnstiles or Only exit turnstile. By the name it is given that the HEET allows entry as well as exit as it can be rotated in both directions whereas the Exit turnstile allows only exit. This type of turnstile eliminates the possibility of people jumping over turnstiles without punching any ticket or token.

Today it is very important to have security and so opting for turnstile will really prove beneficial. Places where it is difficult to control crowd can easily be maintained with such installations.

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