Turnstiles – One Of The Best Ways To Streamline The Flow Of The Traffic

The growing need for high-end security devices has led to the development of some of the most advanced technologies, we now have modern security systems like boom barrier, turnstile, bollards, CCTV  etc. These devices have taken the security systems to a completely new level. Turnstiles are the cutting edge technology that has proven to be a perfect medium to restrict the unauthorized entry.

Turnstiles are highly customized products and can be used for different purpose. As per the requirement, they are designed and manufactured. Turnstiles are of different types, here are the following popular categories of turnstile:

Waist-high- These turnstiles are usually till waits length and you can easily find one of these in fairs and arenas. The functioning of this turnstile is simple, one has to insert the ticket into the slot, you can also use the pass from which the machine reads the barcodes and access is granted. They are also sometimes called as half-height turnstile; this turnstile has fixed metallic arms positioned at an angle and is one of the popular turnstiles being used across the globe. The only disadvantage this type of turnstile poses is its height since it’s only up to waist length it’s easy for anyone to jump and breach the security thus, this type of turnstile always needs the presence of a security guard.

Optical Turnstiles – These have emerged as a good option to the traditional waist height turnstile. These turnstiles operate on the basis of the infrared beam. This beam counts patrons and recognizes who is entering without a valid pass or is an unauthorized entry.

Drop arm optical Turnstile– This turnstile is a blend on both tripod turnstile and optical turnstile and hence, offers the benefit of both. The lanes of this turnstile may have a single arm or double arms. When the access is granted the arms drop and after this, the turnstile functions are an optical turnstile. Since it has the blend of both types of turnstiles it is much more secure.

Full-height turnstiles – The is the larger version and the height may range up to 7 feet or 2.1 meter which is very similar to the height of the revolving door which you would have commonly seen around. This turnstile cuts the disadvantage of waist length turnstile . It is also sometimes called as iron maiden or high-wheel.

The full height turnstile is further subdivided into two types:

  • HEET or High Entrance Exit Turnstile- this turnstile can rotate in both the direction which allows two-way traffic flow .
  • Exit Turnstile – the exit turnstile can rotate only in one direction which allows only one –way traffic. You can find exit turnstiles in mass transit stations where passengers have to move out and without the disturbing flow of entering

Our Role : Houston System has been able to manufacture all kind of turnstile and all are highly efficient. We have catered the client of different stature and their variegated demands. If you wish to know more about us get in touch with us today.

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