A Valuable Contribution to Road Safety by Automatic Rising Bollards

Time has changed and now people are opting for technology that can help to have complete safety for vehicles. One such thing that can help to achieve it is none other than bollard. It is vertical post that is mainly used to divide parking area with open space. Thus in all Bollard will help people to be safe from vehicles and thus keep both safe and secure. It is not enough as many companies and offices use it for safety features. It is very important for government to differentiate area for vehicles and pedestrian so that both can go smoothly. It is easily done with help of different bollards.Today there are many areas where it is been on large scale and when safety is considered bollard is first choice for all.

History of Bollard

It is one such thing whose popularity can be judged by looking at old historical places. Yes it is true that bollard was also used in ancient times when safety was considered. In ancient times it was used for mooring ships and also in world wars. It was used to work against vehicular terrorism and thus helped people in every possible manner. There was number of bollards available in ancient times that were used for one or other purposes. It was mainly used as lit up where motorist can be saved while driving at night. It was mainly used to divide different areas and make it possible for everyone to have safe driving and walk.

Features of bollard

Automatic bollard is not only used for safety features abut also available in various decorative forms. It can help to cover building with such things. Decorative bollard is best to give luxurious look to buildings and can help to offer complete security. There is a hardware option available that can help to fix bollard and even can be used for high protection. Here cap is installed as separate and it can really change look of bollard and thus can offer security along with best look. These bollards are designed in such way that protection along with low maintenance can give best look along with complete security and protection. Today many are using such bollards to ensure safety on roads and even in buildings.

Which is different type of bollards?

There are number of bollards available today that are used for different purposes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Embedded Bollards: It is installed deep in ground and it is made of steel. It is quite cheap and can prove best on roads.
  • Surface mounted Bollard: It is installed on surface and it’s I quiet inexpensive. Here it is not required to dig deep on roads and it is basically used just to have existence.
  • Rebounding Bollards: It is one of the flexible equipment that can be installed easily. Itis dependent on latest technology and can give best result. Here load is reduced for both drivers and pedestrians to make it effective.

How Bollard Can Help On Roads?

Bollards are best when planning for parking strategies. It will help to give best safety on road as it can be used to distinguish between vehicles on road and pedestrians. It is very importantas it will guide pedestrians to walk on lane and can help them to be safe from vehicles and vice versa. It is available in different lengths and thus can make it clearly visible on roads and thus help both to work accordingly. It is best in areas where both vehicles and pedestrians are used and it is in various decorative forms. There are many high quality bollards available that are corrosion free and thus can go for long time.

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