The Various Uses Of Automatic Rising Bollard

Bollard is a concrete or steel post that serves the purpose of a divider. It helps separate roads and pathways for two way traffic, sidewalks from parking lots and even water bodies from docks. So it creates this division as a safety measure so that any vehicle or person does not enter the wrong path and have any sort of accident.

With the advent of technology, today we also have automatic rising bollards that rise up from the ground. Such bollards serve purpose especially in parking lots where such bollards can be used to create separations for vehicles as and when necessary. Moreover, these are also used to protect property and trespassing.

Bollards especially protect the well being of pedestrians and cyclists who may be travelling amidst busy routes with passage of many vehicles at high speeds. This is leading to the ever increasing popularity of bollards in metropolitans where separate bicycle lanes exist. This is because cycling is becoming quite a preferred mode of transportation these days due to the environmental conditions.

Bollards also help in preventing businesses from ram raids in areas where dock loading happens. Automatic Bollards can be used when such loading activity is taking place so as to serve as an obstacle. This helps prevent such a crime as ram raiding since vehicles purposely run into building gates to loot property. If such an obstacle is there, it will help prevent such collision.

The use of bollards can help save businesses from massive losses incurred when exposed to such crimes since many insurance companies may not cover up for such losses. Moreover, stolen ideas and business moves may cost a business a fortune.

Another great use of bollards is in creating a sort of barricade for stores situated on streets. This helps secure the safety of customers from vehicles passing by on the street. Used this way also helps prevent vehicles from colliding with buildings in times of fatal accidents.

Bollards are used in several locations and industries to cater to specific needs. They are used in school areas along the entrance and lane so as to protect kids alighting from school bus. These are also used in parks, bank areas to separate queues in counters and food takeaway joints.

Residential areas use them to create a boundary from neighboring buildings and their driveways or to separate between enter and exit paths as well.

For companies or business owners interested in the purchase and installation of automatic or ordinary bollards need to know that these are not just the only types of bollards available but a variety of them exist. Removable, collapsible and permanent options also exist and in varying heights and diameter. One needs to consider their personal needs before choosing any one type or a combination of bollards to experience the most benefit. Powder coated stainless steel ones are very durable and damage resistant if you are looking for ones that shall serve you for the long haul. Moreover removable bollards are available in locking and non-locking options as well.

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