HOUSYS Visitor system with automatic kiosk and manned operated system provide more flexibility

Visitor Management System

Why Visitor Management Required?
Security has become a major concern for every organization today. Modernization of a security department revolves only around Proximity Cards, CCD Cameras etc but data analysis and operational records are normally ignored. Most of the systems are manual and hence analyzing the data and generating any intelligence out of it is very difficult. Normally there is no comprehensive effort on automization of a Security Department.

•  Print vehicle window stickers
•  Process most visitors in 20 seconds
•  Track and print temporary parking passes
•  Use self-expiring badges to tighten security
•  Keep track of contractors and consultant time sheets
•  Track which employees have regular personal visitors
•  Designate special areas for visitors with custom badges
•  Clearly identify visitors by category, to restrict access to vulnerable goods and information

Visitor Management System deals with effective control, monitoring, recording & tracking of visitors and printing of gate passes for visitors with integrated secured access from access doors, Turnstile and Flap Gates, Main Entrance Barrier system.Using Visitor Management System prevents unauthorized persons from entering the premises and makes sure that your facility is a safe place for your staff, students, customers and any authorized guests.

•  Host can approve, deny with reason
•  Admin, Host and Security Gate module
•  Appointment scheduling by host employee
•  Intuitive and simple interface for security users
•  Previous visits scanning for security gate personnel
•  Generate end-of-day reports to ensure regulatory compliance
•  Visitor fingerprint capturing, identifying old visitor by fingerprint
•  Visitor photo capturing by webcam (any camera connected to the computer)
•  Waiting, In premise, visit completed, rejected visitors real time listing available
•  Intimate host about visitor by SMS, pop up on PC, email or through the system
•  Visitor data capturing – personal information, company information, material carrying and other details

Visitors Management Kiosk:
Window based system with user-friendly interface to get visitor pass and keep track of visitor movement through pedestrian gates. VMS Kiosk acts as central system to create secured access system between visitor and host.

•  More accurate screening of visitors
•  Overall lower costs by eliminating physical staff
•  Pre-registration of visitors via the intranet/Internet
•  Streamlined check-in process, with less than 20 seconds
•  Emergency evacuation status with a list of person inside
•  Detailed visitor information captured quickly and accurately
•  Professional-looking, full-colour, customized badges printing
•  Multiple programmable security alerts and online denied party


Manned Visitors Desk:
Operator at Visitor desk keep record of visitor by scanning visitor credentials and generate gate to the get access through the designated gate.

•  Gate pass creation
•  Bar code Integration
•  Access control card co relation
•  Visitor photo capturing by webcam
•  Admin, Host and Security Gate module
•  Visitor fingerprint capturing, identifying old visitor by fingerprint
•  Intimate host about visitor by SMS, pop up on PC, email or through the system
•  Dynamic gate pass design (user can design the gate pass) & printing supported
•  Visitor data capturing – personal information, company information and other details

VMS Manned station

Visitor Management Flow Diagram