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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

Retractable Gates

Features: High Quality strong and durable material. Intelligent control system with latest technology mechanism. Night Warning lamp for better safety at night. Waterproof LED display with an intelligent information system. IR sensors ensure safety from collision during the pedestrian And Vehicle movement. The magnetic limit switch ensures the correct position of gate movement. Gates available with single gliding track, double gliding track and trackless. Specification: Material: SS/Almunium Power: 220V (+/-… Read More »

Baggage Scanner

HS-1080, HS-1010, HS-5030, HBS-6040 Models are series of Housys Baggage scanner, available with unique designs and shapes to manage airport, schools, borders-crossing hotels and more. Model: HBS6040 Features: High-definition collect system with high image definition. Better stability and higher operation efficiency. System self-inspection function to prompt the system working state. Optimize the zoom function for 100-continuation amplification function for small l items High speed chip HDD to process a large… Read More »

Experience the Vital Benefits of Car Parking Solutions

Car park solution is a critical characteristic in various paces of the lives. Parking offerings in residences, workplaces, shopping department stores, hospitals and different public locations are strategic sufficient to govern any amount of site visitors at any factor of time. With technology development, there had been combined parking tools, control, and software program that provide the satisfactory solutions to parking problems. The authorities can effortlessly improve their car park…

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Effective Car Parking Solutions in Small areas by us

If you have a car that needs to park in the safest zone, then grab attention on the excellent parking system for your parking requirement. If so, we are giving the best parking solutions for everyone who needs to park a car in small areas. However, our system provides larger and small car park system that delivers a beautiful solution for parking. It reduces the costs and hence capable of…

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Get Automatic Car Parking System for Your Organisations

Are you looking to get the outstanding automatic parking system? Now we are available for you to help you.  We are one of the most leading and familiar automatic parking system service providers throughout this world at the affordable cost of price, and there are thousands of our clients blindly believing us because of our Houston system has been engaged in the parking business so far. Nowadays the world is…

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Know the Major Techniques Involved In Smart Parking System

In general, smart parking is the most approved and quickest developing car solutions across the globe. Universities, airports, buying facilities and metropolitan garages are just a few things which have all started to recognize the good sized benefits of technology of automatic parking. The potential to attach, examine and automate statistics accrued from gadgets, driven by and defined as the net of factors, is what sorts smart parking viable.Traffic glide…

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Pick the Right Choice of Automated Car Parking Solutions

In the technology world, everyone adopts the latest technology and keeps moving further to encounter their needs. Now, the parking procedures completely changed by the computerized platform. The new engagement of automated systems can create efficient parking safe and quick all the time and all conditions. The software specially designed to deliver the variety of solutions for the best parking problems, environment-friendly and make more space. The modern software is…

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TURBO sliding gate operator are designed for high traffic, commercial and industrial application. This operator is heavy duty and suitable for a maximum weight up to 4000 Kg. Features Fine control of gate position Three-phase motor with inverter Built-in digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing… Read More »


The SOLARI is an Electro-Mechanical Sliding Gate Operator is designed for large gates and ideal for industrial applications. This long lasting operator is available in maximum up to 2500 Kg Features Fine control of gate position Integrated digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing clutch E-BACK… Read More »


OLEO series of sliding gate motor are designed with oil bath technology to make it more reliable and smooth.These motors are most suitable for intensive use with heavy duty operations. Features Accurate and safe operation Auto self-locking function Lubricated oil motor for longer life. Electronic anti-crushing clutch Acceleration and deceleration options Self-learning mode Optional E-BACK backup battery Optional E-SUN solar panel Reverse on Obstacle detection Thermal Protection against heat Wireless… Read More »