Code Of Conduct

Every company follows some rules and regulations. These constraints are mentioned as a code of conduct for every person inside the premise of the Houston System. The code f conduct is a formulation of standard behavioral etiquettes that needs to be followed in the company to ensure there is no clash on any basis. These codes apply to everyone inside the company premises and if these are violated strict action is taken on the defaulters.

The codes are compiled in such a way that it ensures there is a smooth flow of work and information which would increase the productivity of the company. If there are any bottlenecks, they are resolved and normalcy is restored in the best possible way. The company does not entertain any personal grudges inside its premise.

The code of conducts is a general rule book on how to conduct oneself inside the premise of the company. It contains the instructions on how to approach an issue and where to report in case of any issue. Every employee is bound to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in it and try not to breach any of them. There are limitations of powers of every employee and independence given to each of them to carry out their task with minimum interference. The rule book ensures none of these company rules are violated and the employees get a holistic environment to work and move ahead in their professional life.

 Houston System has been with its employees and it will be with them as it considers its employees as their assets and a real business is successful only when you protect and safeguard your assets.