GTRO – Group Technology And Research Organization

Houston System is one of those companies which had understood the importance of Group Technology and Research Organizations. It is the reason why we had set up an in-house GTRO. The GTRO has since then been our brain and has developed new technologies, products and manufacturing techniques for us. It consists of scientists and researchers from a varied field and they continuously indulge in finding out new ways to do the same work more effectively apart from carrying our new product research and design.

The Group Technology unit has members from all fields and they sit together to brainstorm and come up with something new and productive. The GTRO has been responsible for all the technological development in the Houston System. Many universities and Institutions have tie-ups with our GTRO and we perform research and experiments with the scholars of these institutions to develop new products and equipment that would defeat those who try to make a security breach.

Our company has always been ahead of others whenever latest technology products are concerned. This is because our GTRO has always implemented the new technology in the products making it future proof and at really affordable price. Our technological advancement has now become an example for the industry and many new entrants are following our footsteps which we feel proud of to lead.