About US

Houston System Inc is the world’s leading manufacturer of safety and security automation products. HOUSYS has been engineering and manufacturing these products and selling it globally since 1990.


With 210,000 square feet of manufacturing space, our Houston manufacturing facility allows us to meet the increased requirements and demands of its continually growing domestic and international customer base.  We have the ability to speed up capacity very quickly to accommodate large projects with demanding lead times.  Flexibility is a key ingredient to our manufacturing model.  With so many different  models and solutions built in house, HOUSYS experienced team can handle any job.

IT & Engineering:

Engineering: We pride ourselves on innovation, and our IT and engineering department leads the way. With both mechanical and electrical engineers on board, we are able to aggressively pursue custom projects and new solution driven projects. Our team interfaces closely with architects and professional engineers of all trades to ensue the feasibility of product application. Reliability and sustainability are two key components of our range of products. New products are constantly emerging from the collaborative works of our IT,R & D and  engineering teams as they meet the ever-changing landscape of the security and safety industry.


Innovative, Aggressive, Dynamic and Dedicated are key words to describe our Sales Force.  We understand that in today’s business world we must be available and responsive to our clients.  Our sales force is always available to assist the customers with layout, design and product application as well as giving them the personal service they deserve.  We want our clients for life, not just for today.


Our despatch department will get your product to any part of the world.  We ship internationally by sea / ocean freight and air freight.  Our packaging and crating experts will ensure your product arrives intact and ready for installation.  With over 18 years of shipping product around the globe, HOUSYS logistics department is second to none.


We offer a variety of services after the product sale is finalized.  These include full installations, technical oversight during the installation and detailed maintenance programs.  We are a full service global provider and having a Housys technician involved in your installation and maintenance program will ensure your system is installed correctly and maintained as per the required schedule.


  • 14+ years in business
  • Over 300 Professionals
  • 1500+ satisfied clients worldwide
  • 7500+ projects executed globally