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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

Retractable Gates

Features: High Quality strong and durable material. Intelligent control system with latest technology mechanism. Night Warning lamp for better safety at night. Waterproof LED display with an intelligent information system. IR sensors ensure safety from collision during the pedestrian And Vehicle movement. The magnetic limit switch ensures the correct position of gate movement. Gates available with single gliding track, double gliding track and trackless. Specification: Material: SS/Almunium Power: 220V (+/-… Read More »

Baggage Scanner

HS-1080, HS-1010, HS-5030, HBS-6040 Models are series of Housys Baggage scanner, available with unique designs and shapes to manage airport, schools, borders-crossing hotels and more. Model: HBS6040 Features: High-definition collect system with high image definition. Better stability and higher operation efficiency. System self-inspection function to prompt the system working state. Optimize the zoom function for 100-continuation amplification function for small l items High speed chip HDD to process a large… Read More »

Olympic Picture Taker Who Had $40,000 Worth Of Gear Stolen In Rio 2016

Rio 2016 is front page news; the gargantuan global sports event is making headlines and the reason for it, this time, is the recent security breach that took place in Rio 2016. Yes and this is not any game of treasure hunt where the hidden items need to be deciphered. Rio 2016 again came into news and this time, it was because a photographer whose $40,000 worth gear was stolen…

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An Aviation Bill Passed To Boost Airport Security And Re-Ducing Screening Lines

The House has passed the latest aviation bill in the US Parliament. This bill has provisions to boost the airport security, reduce the screening bays and refunding a portion of the fees to the passengers whose luggage arrives late or is lost. The bill also has the provision for extending the program of Federal Aviation Administration for fourteen months at the same funding level. The bill has been approved by…

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Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Celebrating The 70th Anniversary

Many in the US celebrated the strongly held collaboration between Diplomatic Security Services and Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. This is a move towards the enhancement of the diplomatic power of the US, the objective of formation of this unit is to minimize the use of forceful measures and increase the diplomatic policy to establish peace and security of the US citizen and its property located in a state other…

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Preparation Are In Full Swing in Gulf Countries to Ensure Smooth and Safe EID Holiday

Festivals is one such time when people forgets all sorrows and tensions and just wish to enjoy time with friends and families.EID is one such occasion that can bring people together and so Gulf countries are all set to have blast on EID. But during such festivals one more factor that is important is safety system that can ensure people just enjoy time without any tension. Hamada International airport comes…

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100 New Self-Driving Minivans on USA Roads

What makes government and highway authorities to use barrier? This question comes in everyone’s mind. To know reason of this question, go through the below mentioned paragraphs and get answer of these frequently asked questions. You might have heard that precaution is always better than cure. Hence highway authorities use various types of barriers either to reduce speed to reduce probability of accidents or to collect tolls. It is very…

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10 Ways Internet Changed the Way of Securing Our Homes

Home security system has been in greater demand. If you see the use of such systems, the figures seem to be rising over the last few years. Automating the home security not just increases the security level but also gives 24×7 protection without any human intervention. This is one of the greatest advantages of having a fully automated home security system protecting you 24×7. What is Security system? Security system…

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Security Beefed Up Across United States ahead 4th July For Independence Day

National Security on Independence day National security has always been a concern for US. With terror outfits active all over the world, no one knows what will happen if national security is let loose. With US marching towards its Independence Day Celebration, national security has been put at the top of the priority table, though US has always been tight when it comes to it’s national security. Independence Day for…

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TURBO sliding gate operator are designed for high traffic, commercial and industrial application. This operator is heavy duty and suitable for a maximum weight up to 4000 Kg. Features Fine control of gate position Three-phase motor with inverter Built-in digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing… Read More »