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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

Retractable Gates

Features: High Quality strong and durable material. Intelligent control system with latest technology mechanism. Night Warning lamp for better safety at night. Waterproof LED display with an intelligent information system. IR sensors ensure safety from collision during the pedestrian And Vehicle movement. The magnetic limit switch ensures the correct position of gate movement. Gates available with single gliding track, double gliding track and trackless. Specification: Material: SS/Almunium Power: 220V (+/-… Read More »

Baggage Scanner

HS-1080, HS-1010, HS-5030, HBS-6040 Models are series of Housys Baggage scanner, available with unique designs and shapes to manage airport, schools, borders-crossing hotels and more. Model: HBS6040 Features: High-definition collect system with high image definition. Better stability and higher operation efficiency. System self-inspection function to prompt the system working state. Optimize the zoom function for 100-continuation amplification function for small l items High speed chip HDD to process a large… Read More »

Intelligent Parking Guidance System for Off-Street Parking

Automobile parking for vehicle has become one of the most important problems in many towns. According to the reports, time taken for the vehicles to discover a vacant space and a suitable location for their vehicles to be parked is between 3.5 to 15 minutes and the share of automobiles searching for vacant spot can be found between 8% and 74%. Hence, this has become a major problem these days.…

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Smart Parking Solutions helpful to Road Traffic and Next Generation

Parking is the main problem that occurs around different cities or countries. To overcome these problems, numbers of Parking Management Solutions are implemented in various areas. Such as usage of NB-Io-T-based intelligent parking system which comes under ZTE technology. This technology is further divided into several layers which work under step by step execution to decrease fluid traffic flow. This provides the real-time updates of the intelligent parking system. The…

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Intelligent Parking Guidance and Payment Systems

ZTE introduced an NB-Io-T-based intelligent parking system by drawing on its years of experience in data mining and by integrating technological advances in related fields. ZTE’s intelligent parking system boasts extensive service process management features. Parking monitoring, parking guidance solution and management of defaulting vehicles allow customers to get real-time updates on the situation of parking lots in the city. With the help of intelligent parking, the drivers are also…

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Ensure Traffic Operation Effectiveness with Parking Guidance Solutions

The car parking guidance system, also known as Parking Guidance information system provides the drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The system combines various technologies to come up with an end to end impeccable solution for development of intelligent transport system in urban areas. The processes amalgamated in the system are traffic monitoring, communication processing, and variable message sign technologies. The adaptive lighting sensors, parking space LED…

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Smart Parking Launches New Smart Spot Gateway Solution

Providing adequate parking space to everyone who is in anyway linked to your organization. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to fulfill the need of parking space of everyone. Staff member and client may find it difficult to park their cars in limited parking space. And for this reason smart parking solutions are developed. Smart parking solutions helped drivers to find the space available for parking. So, we can manage parking…

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PSIM Technology for Parking Guidance Solution

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, Mr. Nitin Jayram Gadkari and Modi government take strict action regarding road safety. Road safety are the measures and methods which is used to prevent the road users from seriously injured or being killed. Generally, road users are such as vehicle passengers, pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and people travels on public transport. PSIM stands for Physical security information management. It is an…

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Global Analysis For Smart Parking System

The advancement of technology has made life luxurious for everyone. However, the introduction of smart parking system is not a luxury but rather a necessity. This change has been brought about by the advancement in Internet of Things which is a new and evolving concept. This concept lets inanimate things interact with each other through the internet with minimal human interference. The result of this new technology is everything is…

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Parking Becomes A Necessary Land Use Area In Big Cities

Gone are the days when only the government was concerned about the civic duties and the infrastructure of the locality. Today, people who have the authority over certain aspects of the community are also stepping up to do their duty right. When it comes to a community, there is the parking space, playground and the hospital which make up for the important places. These need to be looked by people…

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