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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

Benefits of Using Automatic Boom Barrier

Boom barriers are now a must-have because things are changing so quickly. It makes it possible to control and regulate both vehicle and pedestrian traffic without having to move around. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important, a boom barrier will still be needed even if a vaccine is made for the disease. It will help the security and governing bodies of organizations deal with a large…

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Retractable Gates

Features: High Quality strong and durable material. Intelligent control system with latest technology mechanism. Night Warning lamp for better safety at night. Waterproof LED display with an intelligent information system. IR sensors ensure safety from collision during the pedestrian And Vehicle movement. The magnetic limit switch ensures the correct position of gate movement. Gates available with single gliding track, double gliding track and trackless. Specification: Material: SS/Almunium Power: 220V (+/-… Read More »

Baggage Scanner

HS-1080, HS-1010, HS-5030, HBS-6040 Models are series of Housys Baggage scanner, available with unique designs and shapes to manage airport, schools, borders-crossing hotels and more. Model: HBS6040 Features: High-definition collect system with high image definition. Better stability and higher operation efficiency. System self-inspection function to prompt the system working state. Optimize the zoom function for 100-continuation amplification function for small l items High speed chip HDD to process a large… Read More »

Increased Penalties and Punishments against Traffic Violators will Help Improve Road Accidents

The road safety rules are meant with the purpose of protection and security of all people who travel on the road. Pedestrian safety is one of the imperative aspects of road safety. According to a report, more than 231000 people are killed in road traffic crashes in the country. And if this continues then the road accident death rate may reach 1.9 million people annually by 2020. One of the…

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Automatic Boom Barriers, An Ideal Approach To Get Relieve From Security Concern

Automatic Boom Barriers, An Ideal Approach To Get Relieve From Security Concern Security boom gateways aren’t only for car parks—they’re ideal for a number of organizations and in addition private flat edifices.  A security boom barrier has many advantages; but, above all, it controls the stream of traffic and counteracts undesirable vehicle access.  So in case, you need to limit the comings and goings of vehicles from your property—who, what,…

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Over a Thousand Drivers Caught Running Red Lights at Rail Crossings

Over speed limit main causes of traffic accidents in the world- There is a great variety of contributory factors that lead to traffic accidents crashes, most important of which are: the level of driver training; the general attitude of drivers; driver behavior and the level of driver self-discipline, self-regulation and law compliance. All of these relate to human factors in the road traffic environment. Ever since the invention of the…

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Speed Signs By High School Suggested To Improve Pedestrian Safety

There are several signs on the road which assistances to functionalize the custom of traffic as well as makes the system slighter vulnerable to the inconvenient accident. These signs are the way out to accomplish the dynamic traffic controlling in the cities as well as highways in the whole world. A radar speed sign is a cooperating sign, usually constructed of sequences of LEDs, which displays vehicle speed as drivers…

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How Bollards Can Help To Stop Speeding Drivers Hitting Bike Or Walkers On Car Track

As the percentage of pedestrian versus vehicle accidents continues to rise in many places, safety in crossings are the leading concerns in traffic safety. Conferring to data gathered by the Traffic Safety Authority, figures discovered that pedestrian death rate at crossings was surprisingly high and rising year by the year. The peak percentage of people killed were aged people, road security authorities have declared that safety at crossings is the…

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Upgrade Railway Crossing Safety Using Boom Barrier

The severity and consequences of collisions at railway crossings is massive. Such accidents happen due to a violation of rules by pedestrians and vehicle movers, even at manned railway crossings. It is observed that the stop sign at crossings or the red signals is also not successful in making these accident prone crossings safe. Factors that influence the probability of accident occurrence at railway crossings are: Rail traffic density The…

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Make Railroad Crossings Safer and Smarter

Presently, the Minister of Railways- Suresh Prabhu took over the charge of railways. As our government takes strict action towards the railway tracks or everything related to it. Well, it is very you all because many of the people traveled the long distances through. These actions are taken only for your security reasons so that you always feel protected while crossing the railroad or traveling in a rail. Well, smart…

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