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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

Enhance The Parking Security Level Via Automatic Rising Bollard

In order to get huge security benefits, enormous property owners have started to install the automatic rising bollard. Users regularly install this automatic rising bollard as the best alternative to the security gates, in case there requires a high level of security. The security gates will never provide strong security support that automatic bollard does. Also, suppose the gate is not visually appealing or structurally feasible, then it can be…

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Retractable Gates

Features: High Quality strong and durable material. Intelligent control system with latest technology mechanism. Night Warning lamp for better safety at night. Waterproof LED display with an intelligent information system. IR sensors ensure safety from collision during the pedestrian And Vehicle movement. The magnetic limit switch ensures the correct position of gate movement. Gates available with single gliding track, double gliding track and trackless. Specification: Material: SS/Almunium Power: 220V (+/-… Read More »

Baggage Scanner

HS-1080, HS-1010, HS-5030, HBS-6040 Models are series of Housys Baggage scanner, available with unique designs and shapes to manage airport, schools, borders-crossing hotels and more. Model: HBS6040 Features: High-definition collect system with high image definition. Better stability and higher operation efficiency. System self-inspection function to prompt the system working state. Optimize the zoom function for 100-continuation amplification function for small l items High speed chip HDD to process a large… Read More »

How Are Security Bollards Helpful For Your Security

These days, security bollards are extensively used to control traffic and people away from dangers. It is nothing but provides security and plays an essential role in everyday life. It is not only for defining boundaries but also protecting buildings and gives protection. Of course, it is an integral part of road safety as well as building needs. By having correct installation, it requires one to access increasing pedestrian and…

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Why we need Manufacturing of Hydraulic Rising Bollards?

Automatic bollards are secure and have low maintenance cost. Bollards are used for dividing the traffic. By using bollards,the problem of traffic jams can be reduced. Bollards are used for dividing into two parts for providing space for two way traffic. Bollards are helpful in protecting  businesses from ram raids in areas where ship loading happens. Automatic bollards may be installed when such loading activity is taken place then bollards…

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Benefits of Automatic Hydraulic Bollards for Premises Protection

Are you searching for a perfect way to protect your premises from unauthorized vehicles? Then Automatic Bollards is the best solution for you. Nowadays, you can see bollards in use almost everywhere you go. However, different types of bollards are used to restrict traffic in areas with a huge volume of people. It includes the area such as airports, railway station, and football stadiums. Bollards practiced in these places are…

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Governments to Install Automatic Bollards to Protect Against Terrorism Attack

The government has taken various numbers of preventive measures to protect people from terrorist attacks. Various agencies are working in case of protection from terrorism. One of the preventive measures is the installation of Automatic Bollards, therefore, it is also used in parking management solutions and to control traffic. It is based on hydraulic and electromechanical technology this system is used for smaller commercial and domestic applications. It is the…

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Bollards To Be Replaced By Camera Systems On Institutions Routes

The biggest concern today is to manage the traffic and streamlining the traffic flow, especially when we have million so of the vehicle running on the road. Although technology has given us many new avenues that have simplified traffic management and has also led to the evolution of Intelligent Traffic Management system, one such key aspect of traffic management, is bollards. Although bollards have long been used with the advent…

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The Benefits of Automatic Rising Bollards and Boom Gates

The common idea that most people have about bollards is that they are permanent and durable structures that have been designed to mark a particular area as off limits to prevent vehicle access. While this is one of the purposes it serves, it is just as useful in controlling access in terms of an “as needed” basis. Uses of Automatic Bollards While Automatic Bollards help in maintaining vehicle access, they…

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Entry and Exit Control Management System with Automatic Bollards

As we talk about today’s scenario, the country gets over polluted because of a number of vehicles. With increasing pollution, the circumstances of accidents plus other smuggling transportation also rises. Instead of many security barriers, the snatchers or the smugglers become successful in crime. Well, we don’t blame on anybody but from today onwards we need to work on security measures because it’s a major issue. In fact, it spoils…

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