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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment.

The Stringent Toll Management Solutions Introduced To Penalise The Motorist Who Evade Toll Fees

Technology has always has simplified human lives, whether it is managing the daily task in the office or at home or its management of transportation system. The end result has been lesser time loss and more productivity. The electronic toll collection is one such aspect of technological advancement that has simplified road tax collection from the commuters passing the toll. Compared to the earlier times, the modern electronic toll collection…

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The Revolutionary Toll Management Solutions For Leverage In Managing Toll Collection And Overloading Penalties

Toll collection practice has been happening from years. Starting from traditional ways of collecting tolls, it has evolved to extensive usage of technology to increase efficiency and leverage toll collection without much human intervention. But how did this evolution happen from good olden days where traditionally conventional methods were used to collect tolls to modern day usage of technology in each and every aspect of toll management system.  Before digging…

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A Positive Way Of Toll Collection For Clean Environment

Electronic system of toll collection is rapidly becoming most popular method for travelers to pass via tolls on expressways, highways, etc. Gone are those days when they used to take toll charges sitting in their booths in India. In fact drivers need not to take any money is one of reasons why Toll Management Solutions has become popular. Automatic vehicle identification Automatic vehicle identification of toll collection is becoming the…

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Houstonsystem Has Changed The Story Of The Toll Management Solutions

We are a toll operating company based in Ohio, USA. We have been in the business for the past two decades. When we had started our services, all the work on the tolls had to be done manually. There were less cars and lesser number of toll units. But with the advent of technology and its application in every field, the toll plazas have also upgraded themselves. Now everything is…

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A people centric toll management system which can reduce your waiting time considerably

Houston System’s Toll Management Solutions is one of the best toll management systems available today. It is a perfect blend of machine, technology and man to make life easier for man. Whenever we come across the word “Toll Booth” or “Toll Plaza”, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the long lines of the vehicles waiting to pay the toll tax and proceed ahead. Once you proceed…

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TURBO sliding gate operator are designed for high traffic, commercial and industrial application. This operator is heavy duty and suitable for a maximum weight up to 4000 Kg. Features Fine control of gate position Three-phase motor with inverter Built-in digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing… Read More »


The SOLARI is an Electro-Mechanical Sliding Gate Operator is designed for large gates and ideal for industrial applications. This long lasting operator is available in maximum up to 2500 Kg Features Fine control of gate position Integrated digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing clutch E-BACK… Read More »


OLEO series of sliding gate motor are designed with oil bath technology to make it more reliable and smooth.These motors are most suitable for intensive use with heavy duty operations. Features Accurate and safe operation Auto self-locking function Lubricated oil motor for longer life. Electronic anti-crushing clutch Acceleration and deceleration options Self-learning mode Optional E-BACK backup battery Optional E-SUN solar panel Reverse on Obstacle detection Thermal Protection against heat Wireless… Read More »


The Super Shield Series Rising Bollards are crash tested bollards designed to K4 standard, and are able of stopping a 6.8 tonne truck travelling at 30 mph. Robust structural design with hydraulic mechanism to ensure smooth bollard movement. Features Hydraulic retractable shock resistant bollard, for the security of sensitive areas Hydraulic driven piston, allowing the vertical movement Compact version with incorporated hydraulic device Electro-valve for automatic drop in case of… Read More »


SWINGTILE is made from brushed stainless steel which creates a seamless and elegant access point to blend into most indoor environment. Optical Swing Turnstiles are suit for elegant and luxury entrance solutions. It unique features and extensible functions allow it ti integrate with any access control system. Features long-life performance High operation with quick response Counting Function Available Audible sound prompt Invalid entering alarm Infrared Photocell Protection Illegal and reverse… Read More »