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Broken Boom Barrier Gates At Cairns Council’s Car Park Leads To Free Parking For Visitors

To aid the lot management functions, you need smart, intuitive and futuristic mechanisms that take care of manual work. Customers waiting to enter and exit have a limited amount of patience. This is where time conserving technical aids gain prominence. With the best parking lot infrastructure, you’ll never face a bevy of car parkers hooting angrily at your management. Reliable parking lot barrier gates are the first pre-requisite for introducing…

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ISIS Jihadists Hurtle Towards Iraqi Tanks In Car Bomb Explosion

Terrorism has come up as the indispensable menace in the modern world. It was a time when the world was bipolar and USA and Russia were always in contention with each other. But after the cold war ended, several regional and small powers have surfaced and the most striking one among them all is the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Its head, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has been wrecking…

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The New Security System Tightens Up The Security At Public Place

With so many terror attacks happening all around, the safety of people has become the talk of the town. In order to combat this terror, the concerned authorities keep on introducing new security system, these new and long term security measures are being rolled out to allow the public to move freely without any fear. There have been numerous security systems that have been installed locally at the airport, stations,…

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How Does A Boom Barrier Work For US?

The world is witness to the kind of violence that is being subjected on innocent and ordinary people. With the recent shootings and acts of terrorism taking place in Istanbul and Dhaka, the one question that everyone is asking is how safe are we really are? In a world where no one is secure, living in a secure community or working in a safe surrounding is the one thing which…

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The Absence Of Boom Barrier On A Railway Crossing In Melbourne

Boom Barriers or Boom Barrier gates are horizontal poles or bars pivoted to manage the flow of the vehicles by allowing or halting the vehicle. The boom barriers have evolved from traditional manually operated ones to the automatic boom barriers. Taking into consideration the current scenario where we can see the digitization of the traffic control and management system and digitized approach towards everything, the need for an automatic boom…

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Wide Range of Boom Barrier Gate to Suit Your Security Requirements

In future Boom barriers can result as a very effective source of getting security; there are two types of barriers, automatic and manual. The manual ones are called barriers and the automatic ones are called ‘Boom Barriers’ or boom gate, here we are talking about Boom Barriers, We usually see them in malls and 5 star hotels, But have you ever thought that do we actually know about a boom…

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5 Great Ways To Secure Vehicular Access By Boom Barriers

With increasing number of cars and increasing rates of crimes, a need for a device that could restrict the entry of vehicular traffic arises. The places like hospitals, banks, shopping arcades etc. need a system that could manage the entry of vehicular traffic.These places use basic and ordinary systems like manual barricades, Gates, Speed bumps, Steel bars and grills, Foot patrol by guards to secure their premises. The foremost choice…

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Capabilities of an Access Control System of Automatic Boom Barrier Gates

Access Control techniques allow you to determine the quality of security required for your structural entrance. But which access control program is right for you? Learn more. An access control program gives you major control over who can access your company. These techniques allow you to provide the highest degree of security for your staff and resources. Many entrepreneurs are anxious by these techniques, particularly small company proprietors who may…

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TURBO sliding gate operator are designed for high traffic, commercial and industrial application. This operator is heavy duty and suitable for a maximum weight up to 4000 Kg. Features Fine control of gate position Three-phase motor with inverter Built-in digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing… Read More »


The SOLARI is an Electro-Mechanical Sliding Gate Operator is designed for large gates and ideal for industrial applications. This long lasting operator is available in maximum up to 2500 Kg Features Fine control of gate position Integrated digital control unit Reverse on Obstacle detection automatic learning of work time Accurate and safe operation Cooling fan to optimize performance Release system with customized key Auto self-locking function Electronic anti-crushing clutch E-BACK… Read More »