Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Celebrating The 70th Anniversary

Many in the US celebrated the strongly held collaboration between Diplomatic Security Services and Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. This is a move towards the enhancement of the diplomatic power of the US, the objective of formation of this unit is to minimize the use of forceful measures and increase the diplomatic policy to establish peace and security of the US citizen and its property located in a state other than the US. The collaboration is in its 70th year and is celebrating its success.

Now for those who are novices to these political and defense moves by the US let us enlighten you with what are DSS and MCESG and why there is much buzz about their latest drill in South Korea. DSS or Diplomatic Security Services is celebrating its 100th year and at the same time, the Marine Corps Security Guard is celebrating its 70th year. The sole objective of establishment of such puissant force is to ensure the protection of people, of the premises and the sensitive information. This collaborative effort ensures solving of issues without forceful method.  The DSS is the security section of the US law enforcement that takes care of diplomatic affairs. The department has been working in sync with the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group since the time the foundation stone of the same was laid. The amalgamation of the two has proven a great asset to the state and its people. The Marine Corps are trained to serve a tough mission and the diplomatic touch works as a pacifier.

As more and more terrorist activities are gaining pace and the citizens of the state residing in different nations, the role of Marine Corps becomes even more important. The recent development that has created fervor is the drill conducted by MCESG along with the South Korean army. Many of the people would agree with this move especially after the nuclear test done by North Korea earlier this January.  The non-provocative military drill involved 17,000 American troops and around 30,000 South Korean army personnel. Although North Korea was pre-informed about the nature of the drill, yet it has spurred the fire of discomfort on the borders of North and South Korea.

Here is a close look at military drill conducted South Korea and the US Marine Corps Embassy Security Group in Pohang:

If the reports are to be believed, then around 800 marines, 100 K-1 tanks were deployed by South Korea, they also brought in transport helicopters, amphibious assault vehicles, and howitzers. On the other hand, the US Marine Corps, owing to its alertness in finding security integrated solutions, deployed 50 attack helicopters, 500 marines, and M777 155-millimeter towed howitzers. The massive size of the arms and ammunition is seen as the pre-preparation for some war; however, as per the joint statement of South Korea and Marine Corps, this was just a mock drill.

The most striking part of the infiltration drill was the joint exercise by South Korea and The US Marine Corps. The drill also included infantry, armor, combat engineers, and artillery units.

The new strategic move by Marine Corps Embassy Security Group:

This was about South Korea but the expansion of the US Marine Corps is not restricted to South Korea, the state has planned expansion in different nations of the world to protect its embassies and citizens providing them the security integrated solutions. Moreover, this move is seen as a pro-active effort to avoid what had happened in 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 that left four Americans dead.

As a part of the multifaceted approach of the US, they have decided to establish a dozen of Marine Corps and have strengthened the 117 others who are already present at various locations. As per the plan, 12 new locations will get security detachments by 2018.

All the moves taken by the state are to safeguard the national asset and its people residing in different nations. Since the time of its inception till date the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group has undergone a huge transformation in terms of its duties and their modus operandi.

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