Olympic Picture Taker Who Had $40,000 Worth Of Gear Stolen In Rio 2016

Rio 2016 is front page news; the gargantuan global sports event is making headlines and the reason for it, this time, is the recent security breach that took place in Rio 2016. Yes and this is not any game of treasure hunt where the hidden items need to be deciphered. Rio 2016 again came into news and this time, it was because a photographer whose $40,000 worth gear was stolen from the event.

In-depth analysis:

The news surfaced when a photographer, Brett Costello’s $40,000 equipment was stolen from Rio café. The shocking revelation was that the robbery took place in just 10 seconds and that too during day time when the café was flooded with people. The news stormed social, print and electronic media; this clearly shows the lackadaisical pattern of security being followed in Rio this year.

Despite high-security claims by Rio officials, it was Costello who got hold of thieves. Costello was in the queue waiting to enter the venue for men archery competition in Sambodromo stadium when he noticed the man behind him wearing the same vest that was stolen along with the equipment. He immediately informed the Rio officials and was able to catch the man behind the theft.

The most astonishing part of the story was that the men had passed the security check without any credentials. With so many promises and deliverables promised by Rio Olympics management team, the event of a breach of security has emerged as a black spot on the fake promises being done by the team.

The fake promises

Before the event began, Rio office had promised top-notch security arrangement in the event. In fact, Brazil’s top security force has taken the charge of safety, yet events like these have left us dubious and ponder over what’s next, rather who’s next.

Apart from manual security checks, the Rio officials had introduced electronic medium to ensure avant-garde security with implementation if CCTV cameras, barriers, metal detectors, the Sistema Integrado de Comando e Controle (SICC, the Integrated Command and Control System).However, such massive events I think require even more meticulously designed security systems like flap barriers, automatic bollards which can not only aid security check process but also control the flood of people who are hitting the city every day.

The lesson to be learned

The event of theft in a fraction of a second from Rio Café has raised the need for more stringent security checks . Apart from the regular measures of security that has been installed, there is an immediate need to bring automatic bollards and flap barriers which can halt a person for a set period of time so that complete security check is done and the person can move to the venue. Automatic bollards and flap barriers are based on real-time and controlled by the officials controlling the security system and hence will work as per their direction which will eventually lead to better security checks and scrutiny.

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