Preparation Are In Full Swing in Gulf Countries to Ensure Smooth and Safe EID Holiday

Festivals is one such time when people forgets all sorrows and tensions and just wish to enjoy time with friends and families.EID is one such occasion that can bring people together and so Gulf countries are all set to have blast on EID. But during such festivals one more factor that is important is safety system that can ensure people just enjoy time without any tension. Hamada International airport comes with all safety measures that can help people to have safe festive. It is one of the new airport in Qatar which is facilitated with all safety measures specially for Edisto ensure complete security baggage will be screened and all prohibited items would be removed form baggage. To make it easy there are different lanes for first and business passengers so that it would make safe. To make comfortable there is an option where minors and AI Maha customers get priority while processing though all such steps.

Parking changes in Hamad Airport

Parking is a big issue during festivals and there are people who randomly park vehicles. In this situation it can make difficult for others to park vehicles and thus it makes it quiet fuzzy. To make it easy there is an option or short term parking and it is one both side of terminals so that people who came to drop can easily park cars at such places. Charges are different according to time and thus make it easy to deal with all situations. One who wish to park for long time can get an easy option of long term parking that is on southern end and to make it easy one can get way through map that is posted near airport. There is complete security check even in parking and also guards are available to make parking in proper manner. The airport security administration install all pedestrian management products including Tripod Turnstiles, Flap Barriers,  Swing Turnstiles and full height turnstiles and more..

Which safety measures must be followed?

It is one of the festivals that every Muslim waits for and so safety measures must be taken that can help to make it safe. Below are some tips that must be followed even while at home and in festive mood.

  • Smoke alarms must be places on every floor so that it can help to ensure safety.
  • Festivals are mainly started with delicious food and so cooking must be done with great care. One must take extra precaution while dealing with oil.
  • One wear new clothes on festivals and so women must be careful to keep them safe from naked flames.
  • Before one get into festive mood it is best to check security system of home so that when you are out there is complete safety.

Safety measure at airport

It is very important to have security check so that things like weapons and drugs are not carried inside airport. To make it easy there is some sign on ticket that will help to identify venue for which one is coming through airport. It is good not to go for personal check as it is quite crowdie during festivals but airport must be equipped with instruments that can make scanning easy. Today Hamada airport is crowdie due to special festival and so it is very important to have some zone especially for festivals. It is even advisable to employees of airport to help people as it becomes difficult to get ways during such time.

Equipments used for security check at airport

Metal detectors are effective for walkthrough to make it easy to scan people. It is quiet effective and easily can sense weapons that are been carried by any person. It is quiet easy to install it and also circuits are designed in such way that it can easily detect things. The super wand is made of stainless steel ad offer optimum sensitivity. It is equipped with alarm mode that starts ringing when any prohibited things are gone through. It is designed to offer best detection and thus make it very safe. Equipment is also available that can scan baggage and even minute things can be detected easily.

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