Security Beefed Up Across United States ahead 4th July For Independence Day

National Security on Independence day

National security has always been a concern for US. With terror outfits active all over the world, no one knows what will happen if national security is let loose. With US marching towards its Independence Day Celebration, national security has been put at the top of the priority table, though US has always been tight when it comes to it’s national security. Independence Day for US has always been a day of celebration. It is a patriotic holiday for the countrymen and what’s more interesting is the way people in US celebrate it with so much passion and patriotism holding American flag. 4th July is very significant in this regard as it brings together everyone for a common cause and is nation. Family events are organised all over the United States. 4th July 1776 had witnessed the final approval for declaration of independence and that’s why this date has got tremendous significance.

Terror Outfits and Terror attacks on various countries

For any country, the national security is always important and cannot be compromised at any cost. National occasions which spread patriotism and passion for one’s own country most of the times tend to open up window for attacks from terror outfits. We have had experience of various such attacks. Today, as you read this, there might be some terrorist groups bootstrapping on a terror mission. With US, having had some experience of what such terror outfits can be up to, has understood and realised how imperative it is to be critical about national security and this has resulted in beefing up security for the occasion of Independence Day.

Reinforcements for added security

It is very important to be fully fortified and various tiers of security and that’s what is being done and more so, after some terror threats. So, added security measures have been taken all over and particularly in New York City high profile areas such as Times Square and other areas. With a revamped structure of security for high profile areas, things are expected to stay normal. Patrolling on water has also been revamped for any contingencies or emergencies. US is using and is set to use full fledged security systems like boom barrier and other such methods.

Explosive sniffing dogs are also deployed as a measure to detect explosives. Potential terror threats have been reported and are one of the reasons why security has become the prime focus. As a matter of fact, reinforcement of automatic rising hydraulic bollards is also expected for far superior protection. So, technology has found its way into tightening up the security. Government’s buildings are now reinforced with bollards to increase the level of security. National Explosives Task Force has now come into picture working with another security forces.

While everything seems to be working the right way, things can turn upside down in moments. A miss here, a miss there and everything is out of our control. So, security reinforcement is better if there are various means of tracking down suspects before anything has happened. There are tripod turnstile also being used at gates and entrances of almost all prominent establishments. These systems are now used at airports, government buildings and other public places where manual control over crowd is little difficult. So, all the measures of tackling terror activity are being taken.

High tech security systems will be used as a security becomes a concern with Independence Day is just days away. Missing out on any security measure will not just loosen the security but also make US vulnerable of terror attack. So, variety of security systems are being used like flap barriers, drones, etc. Ramping up security also includes enforcing explosive sniffing canines and vapor wake detection dogs. With revamped security measures, these security systems have been put up as Independence Day i days away and various events are underway.

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day USA

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