Housys flap gates are designed for intensive use and its controlled mechanism ensure reliablity and smooth operations

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier: HOUSYS Series of Flap gates are produces with high quality components in Houston facility with intelligent effort from R&D under the guidance of professionals with latest technology. High quality production ensures smooth and reliable product for intensive use. We produce wide range of pedestrian gate to meet customisable and challenging need of customers.

Multiple Lanes flap barriers with acrylic illuminated wings can be used for bi-directional movement by controlled motorised drive mechanism. The drive mechanism with compact control unit provides maximum throughput with smooth operations and high performance. Safety features makes it more reliable and safe to control heavy movement for intensive use.

FLAPTILE 500 and FLAPTILE 1000 series of flap barrier are available with unique features for wide range of security, commercial, corporate and Industrial applications to meet customer satisfaction.

Performance: Automatic Flap Gate characterised by high efficiency with quick response and complete performance. They are impeccable in their movement, elegant design with smooth finish.

Innovative: RS485/TCP/IP Communication, Counter display, illuminated gate wings, Sound Prompt, Directional Led Indicator, User information TAB, etc feature to meet wide range of application and requirement.

Safe: Inbuilt infrared sensors detect obstructions during its movement. Gates open automatically during emergency. Gates can also be integrated with fire alarm system.

Compatibility: HOUSYS series of turnstile gates are compatible to integrate with any access control system, fare collection system, ESD system, Visitor Management System, queue Management system and fire systems.

Reliable: In house design and production to achieve quality product with high performance make it more reliable. Own production enhance product quality that makes product more reliable to achieve customer satisfaction

FLAPTILE 500 series with excellent elliptical design with stainless steel finish and quick response to the pedestrian movement. Robust motorized controlled mechanism provide maximum throughput by seamlessly integrated with any access control system. Extensible function makes it more suitable for commercial and corporate application at reasonable cost.
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flaptile 500

FLAPTILE 1000 series with elegant style compact design with greater finish and high performance. Motorized controlled mechanism integrated with intelligent control unit provides rapid actions to maximize though of the system. Versatile configuration options ensure smooth operations with intensive use. It widely used in commercial and corporate applications.
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Why Houston Systems:-

We are leading manufacturer, suppliers, dealer & exporters of Automatic Flap Barriers offer wide range of flap barrier gates at competitive price. We successfully install Flap Barrier in various cities some are Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur and more.. Feel free to contact us email at inquiry@houstonsystem.com or Call +91-9999126882