Fully automated KIOSK and online booking features help users for smooth appointment scheduling

Queue Management System

QMS plays vital role in appointments management, agenda planning and future flows and resources forecasting. These modular solutions, adaptable to various sectors can suit to the management of a simple queue to centralize multiple site organization.
•  Registration can be made also on Internet, Smart Phone.
•  Announce the customer’s arrival if he/she has an appointment
•  Inform customers of the expected waiting time (Video, SMS, Internet…)
•  Adjust waiting time according to the importance of the service to be provided
•  The call can be made to a mobile phone using a text message, a smart phone or by a beeper
•  Dedicated kiosk in self-service or receptionist to allow customers to take their place in the queue.
•  Provide for the customer to be recognized by name, number, identity card etc., by a kiosk or receptionist
•  Allow visitors freedom of movement while keeping them informed about the expected waiting time
•  Customers/visitors are called by name, number, code etc., on a video screen, display, voice synthesis etc.

On Desk Queue management solutions enable to generate data about how customers wait and how staff can best serve them. This type of information assists in improving organization processes and in increasing the quality of customer service

Managers have access to a tracking screen with warnings (visual, sound, text messages or e-mails) which enable overall monitoring and control of the reception system. Nevertheless, the system positions backups automatically, to ensure that the target waiting levels per service are respected, as a function of the allocation of salespersons/staff to the services and the forecasts and actual arrivals of customers/visitors.

The Automatic kiosk Queue Management Solution prints only one ticket number per service. Online user can check about their waiting time, current status and can also add his credential to get registered the organisation for future visits.

Virtual keypad is the latest technology in which the user derives useful information from the screen such as Average Waiting, Time ‘Average, Transaction Time’ and ‘Number of Customers Waiting’

Statistical reports enable tables and graphs of the following parameters and variables to be interlinked and presented: time periods, waiting times, handling times, times present, services provided, reasons for visits etc. These reports are configurable temporal documents for different needs, displaying functions. They can be consulted or personalized and sent directly to managers by e-mail.

Automatic KIOSK the touch screen management console allows to configure all the parameter to run the token dispenser, keypad for service desk, displays, Announcement and the user management.
•  Capability to perform multiple services and queue.
•  SMS capability for hailing customers by messages
•  Customizable tickets offer promotional and branding
•  Linked with reporting system for real-time reports
•  Screen saver mode allows marketing, promotion and advertising options
•  It comes with priority ticketing which can also be integrated with membership cards


LED Counter Display
LED matrix Counter display are usually wall mounted which notifies waiting customers of the counter number and the ticket being served on each counter. The ticket number flashes when service representative hits the next button.


LED Status Display
Status matrix display units are used to aid customers to be directed at the service counters when their turn arrives. Customers are called to the service window via these display units which are placed strategically around the queuing area. Display shows ticket numbers to be served along with their respective service counters


QMS Software
QMS software based application can be installed on any computer system and is then integrated with the queue management control system.
• Shows the average wait-time of customers in the current service/queue
• Directly linked with priority calling and loyalty/membership cards
• It has the option of sequential and random calling of customers