HOUSYS Bollards produced with compact hydraulic kit and reliable control unit to ensure smooth and reliable movement


Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard:

SHIELD Series of Automatic Hydraulic Bollard is result of innovation and new generation technology carried out by in house production in Houston factory under the guidance of expert team to achieve best quality with high performance.

Retractable bollards can be lowered entirely below the road surface to allow traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic. Concealed traffic bollards are used to secure sensitive areas from attack, or to enforce traffic rules that are time related, or to restrict access to the highly sensitive areas.

Automatic Rising Bollards are equipped with compact hydraulic unit built with pump piston drive mechanism that makes it more suitable for smooth operations with intensive use. Robust heavy duty steel structure with reinforced cage provides more strength to withstand highest level of impact.

SHIELD, SUPER SHIELD, SHIELD ANTITERRERISM and SHIELD SA series of traffic bollards are available for wide range of security, traffic management and Industrial applications.


Automatic Rising Bollard characterized by high efficiency and complete performance. They are impeccable in their movement, exceptional strength with elegance.

Intelligent: Control Unit with versatile configuration makes it more flexible for different applications and integration. Intelligent unit provides unique feature and master slave kit allow smooth operation for entire set of bollards.

Safe: In-built hydraulic accumulator that allows, in case of emergency and with a specific command, to lift the bollard immediately and in-built pressure switch provide more safety by lowering down the bollard detection of any object during movement.

Compatibility: All blocking bollard series are compatible to integrate in combination of set of barrier, automated gates and other access control devices.

Reliable: In house design and production to achieve quality product with high performance make it more reliable. Own production enhance product quality that makes product more reliable to achieve customer satisfaction.

Automatic Bollard also know as Traffic Bollards, Industrial Bollards, Rise Bollards, Crash Bollards, Hydraulic Rising Bollards, Rising Bollards, and Fixed Bollards


SHIELD Series of Traffic bollard available with different size and cylinder thickness. Intensive duty cycle ensures lasting performance, whereas inbuilt safety pressure switch offers additional protection. Standard FE37 RAL painted and polished stainless steel optional finishes allow the retractable bollard to blend seamlessly with the surroundings environment.
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SUPER SHIELD Series of Concealed traffic bollard with greater strength and versatile configuration makes it more suitable to meet wide range of security applications. Rising bollard with general aesthetic and safety features comes with a thicker 12 mm FE370 steel cylinder allowing for a greater impact resistance than standard bollards.
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ANTITERRESIM Series of Automatic Rising Bollard with Robust steel structure and innovative features makes it more suitable for quick movement with intensive use. it is suitable for applications where there is an increased risk of impact from larger vehicles or vehicle travelling at higher speeds and where crash rated perimeter protection is required for projects such as embassies, military buildings, nuclear facilities, and other structures of high security.
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SHIELD Series of semi-automatic Traffic bollard available with different size and cylinder thickness. Inbuilt hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth operation with manual pressure release key. Standard FE37 RAL painted and polished stainless steel optional finishes allow the retractable bollard to blend seamlessly with the surroundings environment. It is suitable for the application where traffic flow is very less.
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Why Houston Systems:-

We are leading manufacturer, suppliers, dealer & exporters of Automatic Bollards offer wide range of Automatic Rising Bollards at competitive price. We successfully install Rising Bollards in various cities some are Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur and more.. Feel free to contact us email at inquiry@houstonsystem.com or Call +91-9999126882