HOUSYS weighing systems are compatible to integrated with wide range of weigh bridge application

Automatic Weighbridge System

Unmanned Automatic Weighing Systems is the most reliable solution which ensures effective and secure weighing operation. It enables unmanned execution of weighing tasks through programmed access card, biometric records, which contain the customer, material, and vehicle data.

Weighbridge controls can be used as stand-alone options, or as a complete package. Each additional piece of weighbridge protection will raise integrity of weighbridge and improve site security and efficiency.

From simple touch-screen driver operated consoles to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), our weighbridge systems can help keep the throughput and profitability of your site to a maximum.

From simple touch-screen driver operated consoles to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), our weighbridge systems can help keep the throughput and profitability of your site to a maximum.

Objective of Weighing Automation
•  Inability to prevent theft from Weighing Bridge
•  Inability to locate unauthorized vehicle entry
•  To ensure the right material is loaded on the fleet/truck
•  To control movement of fleets/trucks within the plant premises
•  Time consuming manual registration process of fleet/truck and drivers
•  Time consuming weight capture process of loaded fleet/truck at entry and exit gate

•  Provides access and traffic control
•  Monitor the weighing in real time
•  Automatic connection to the weighbridge
•  Reduced manpower/ operation expenses
•  Prohibits radioactive materials from entering a site
•  Ability to capture and register data of vehicles/fleet
•  Displays all the data and records accurately in real time
•  Automatic weight capture of fleet/truck at every weighbridge
•  Absolute reliability with no human dependency at check points
•  Authentication driver and vehicle with RFID and biometric system
•  Report statistics to generation of different types on customized basis
•  Checks unauthorized entry of vehicles by using buzzer and boom barrier
•  Fully automatic RFID based system for accurate vehicle In and Out entries
•  Ensure security; loaded material verification, vehicle validation, human error elimination

Automatic Weighing System consist of following equipments:

1. Touch Screen Terminal
Touch Screen terminal enables the driver to complete weighing transactions 24/7, allowing weighbridge to run smoothly without a dedicated operator. Terminal is simple and intuitive to use and can be paired with RFID and proximity reader to automatically identify the driver or vehicle from long or short range.

2. Boom Barriers & Safety Sensors
Weighbridge automatic barriers help to control the flow of vehicles on and off the weighbridge, while the safety sensors ensure the barriers raise and lower correctly.

3. Vehicle Detection Loops
Loop Detector sense the approaching vehicle and control other add-ons such as traffic lights to regulate the flow of vehicles. They also ensure the weighbridge is at ‘zero’ weight prior to weighing.

4. Weighbridge
The weighbridge can be installed in a pit or above ground, either on a concrete slab or piers, all depending on the environment in which it will be used.

5. Traffic Lights
Weighbridge controller that receive information through load cell and transfer to the data to the processor to complete the transaction.

6. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
Automatic number plate recognition is used to detect the vehicle registration as it approaches the weighbridge.

7. Traffic Lights
Weighbridge traffic lights control and direct the vehicle movement onto the weighbridge.

8. LED Displays
LED displays are ideal for showing high visibility scale weight reading at considerable distances.

9. Vehicle Position Sensors
Weighbridge vehicle positioning sensors ensure that the vehicle is located correctly on the weighbridge. Accurate positioning of vehicle over weighbridge activates weighing system.

10. Video Surveillance
Weighbridge video surveillance deters site vandalism and allows remote viewing of the weighbridge and the vehicles using it.

11. Solar Energy
Solar Kit E-SUN ensure weighing operations during power failure.

12. Weighbridge Software
AWIS software enables manned operation with flexibility to integrate with security devices. System ensures proper control and monitoring of weighing process with customisable reports.

•  Window Based Software (Support to XP / Win7)
•  Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics
•  Auto SMS Sending facility (Daily Ticket Data).
•  Send SMM on Customer Mobile (If require)
•  Individual Reports Access Rights.
•  Data Auditing Feature (Any Modification by operator – system will Provide Reports)
•  User Authentication for Ticket Edit/ Re-Print/ Delete Wise.
•  Data Base Auto Backup Facility
•  Supporting Client Server Application.
•  Provide SAP, ERP, Connectivity based on client requirement
•  Daily Data Export in Excel, CSV, Text File (date wise, ticket no wise)
•  Facility for select automatically vehicle tare weight.

Automatic Weighbridge Layout

Weighbridge layout