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Toll Management System

Houston’s Electronic Tolling System and Traffic Management (ETTM) allows for nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring. ETTM equipped with transponders (electronic tags), GPS Module communication, vehicle classification sensors, and a computerized system (hardware and software) to uniquely identify each vehicle, electronically collect the toll, provide general vehicle/traffic monitoring and data collection.

HOUSYS Tolling System is combination of techniques and technologies to reduce congestion, increase operating efficiency, improve travel time, reduce pollution, and improve safety of the roadway facility and surrounding corridors.

ETTM technologies and infrastructures provide the necessary capabilities for future applications such as incident management, alternate route guidance, and travel demand management.

•  Offline Work capability
•  Optional trigger for video enforcement
•  Supporting several types of passes/cards
•  Biometric Enabled (For login to the system)
•  Provides highly accurate vehicle detection system
•  Counts and classifies to accuracies required by toll agencies
•  A futuristic software architecture that optimizes performance
•  Monitors traffic patterns for day-to-day management and scheduling.
•  Weight based fully integrated toll collection that ensures longer life of roads
•  A variety of smart cards, pre & post paid options, NFC and mobility based payment options
•  Customized reporting to manage system and operations performance leading to enhanced data analytics
•  Continuous and indexed transaction surveillance to minimize pilferage and maximize control at remote toll plazas
•  Complete control-centre based monitoring and connectivity that allows optimal control over systems deployed

TORNADO : Fastest Barrier with the open/close time from 0.6s to 1.5 s. Tornado is a complete performer, which is designed for effective and efficient Toll Operations. It is quick, secure, smooth and more suitable for intensive operations.
• Unique design, Intelligent controller
• Rapid openings and intensive use
• Fastest opening Speed 0.6 sec.
• Reverse on Obstacle detection
• Cataphoresis treated epoxy painted.
• Automatic Fault Detection
• 100 % duty Cycle
• Break Away Arm mechanism available (optional)


ETMS Controller transmits information and data of all lane activities to the “Toll Management System (TMS)” and receives other control information and data from the TMS. TLC consists of lane computer, power protection blocks, and peripheral coordination circuitry.
•  Pay station with touch panel interface LCD display
•  It allows operator to work tirelessly and with less amount of hassle
•  Allows operator to generate report and check the transit detailss
•  Industrial grade central processing unit
•  Core component of lane system
•  Interconnect and control all peripheral lane components


Automatic Vehicle Classification:
An automatic vehicle classification may need to determine vehicle height, number of axles, presence of dual tires, and vehicle weight to distinguish between vehicles and assign the correct class. Determinants of vehicle class may include:
•  Number of axles and/or tires of a vehicle
•  Dimensions (e.g., height, length, wheelbase) of a vehicle
•  Weight of a vehicle.
•  Number of occupants in a vehicle
•  Wide range of options
•  High immunity against sunlight
•  Compact Housing
•  Beam spacing 30 mm/60mm
•  Range 12 m


Automatic Vehicle Identification:
AVI refers to various components and processes that allow identification of vehicles and their owners for the purposes of charging the toll to the customer. Various automatic identification technologies being used are: Ultra High Frequency, High Frequency, Active TAGS, Passive TAGS,MIFARE Smart Card
• Communicates through radio waves, line of sight not required.
• RFID tags store significantly more information.
• RFID is dynamic and information can be added or deleted at every step
• Read multiple tags at once.
• Tags contain electronically stored information.
• Entire process takes a matter of seconds to complete.
• Electronic system records transaction, including the time, date, plaza and toll charge of each vehicle.


Weight In Motion
WIM system is a configurable multi-function Vehicle Axle Weighing System. It provides a means of measuring axle and gross vehicle weights either statically or dynamically, providing either enforcement of vehicle weight limits for government authorities or overload prevention for transport companies.

System is designed to be configurable and can be supplied as a basic control unit interfacing to the TDC Axle Weigh Beam providing axle weight and gross weight data, with the option to supply additional interfaces to provide full vehicle weight enforcement functions.

Full system integration capabilities provide maximum flexibility in real-world applications, from communication with state-wide or National data networks, to combining weighing operations with other vehicle safety and credential-checking technologies.


Central Toll Server:
TMS server plays vital role for database security and redundancy, Three layer secured system help it to perform emergency conditions and makes it compatible to integrate with third party system, server and application.
•  Extensive administering and reporting functions
•  High-quality server platform
•  RAID technology
•  Software licence MS Windows 2008 Server
•  Requires: work station WS 120 incl. Toll Operate
•  Communication with the work station via Ethernet
•  Controlling, administering and evaluating possible via several work stations


Image Capturing Camera


High Resolution camera with capability to capture the image on predefined events and can be click by operator at any moment.

License Plate Capturing Camera

License Plate Capturing Camera

License plate high resolution camera can capture image of license plate of vehicle when stopping and in motion also through processing unit get stored in the system.

Over Head Lane Display

Over Head Lane Display

Multi color LED Matrix Overhead LED Display to show lane category (i.e. Car, Truck etc), Display unit integrated with lane system to show customization message as toll operational requirement.

Lane Status Display 

lane display
High intensity status display will show current status of the lane. “Arrow” in green indicate show lane is open for transit, “Cross” in red indicated lane is close.

Traffic Light

Traffic Light

Two way Traffic light with Red and Green light can be integrated with boom barrier to operate the same in conjunction of barrier movement. Red indicate for stop and Green indicate for movement.

Toll Intercom System

Intercom system plays vital role for smooth toll operations. Slave intercom unit will in lane booth in interconnection with master unit in control room for two way communication to assist lane operator.


Toll Layout