Highway Toll Management System 

A Toll Management System is placed to collect revenue plus improve the capital outlay experienced on the cost of repairs, construction, maintenance, expenditures on toll procedure by concessionaires, private administrations to deliver reduced travel time also increased level to package to end user. In the procedure of collection toll besides user fee it is also vital to maintain maximum level of safety as huge volumes of money are being drifted within toll plazas.

Housys provides an influential lane engine through its related sub-systems that simplify a fraud-free transaction organization allowing for an accurate, steady, and traceable economic flow. The organized sub-systems work individually within their control also harmoniously interfaces over the lane engine. The total intelligent toll system is able of monitoring numerous toll plazas by method of data driven controls also video tracking abilities at the foremost control center.

We deliver Toll Management Systems in addition to solutions which is a high-end key can be executed aimed at Electronic Toll Collection otherwise work in hybrid method allowing for several methods of payment including smartcard, cash,  and RFID tags.

Housys is a leading competitor in Highway Toll Collections Systems and HTMS, taking supplied & commissioned several toll lanes has linked hands with technologies.

Conventional Toll Collection Arrangements including manual as well as automatic collection, built on reliable equipment (touch screen monitor, LCD monitor, LED displays , fast toll barriers, industrial computers,  optical, wave in addition to magnetic sensors).

Electronic Toll Collection comprising Free-Flow as well as Fast-Toll collection built on proven technologies (8 GHz, DSRC 5, Laser Scanners, video motion detectors, optical separators).

Vehicle Enforcement System as well as Video Surveillance System.

Vehicle Grouping System built on proven sensor machineries (length, weight, axles, height, profile, dual tire, and video).

Sub-Central Systems plus Central Systems to gather, audit also report all doings on the Toll Collection Method (built on WAN plus LAN machineries).

Customer relation services through customer care hubs, frequent operator discount management, operator account organization (point-of-sales otherwise remote reload, payment management, invoicing, legal follow-up).

Maintenance Management System comprising vehicle fleet as well as personnel team management, statistical plus events reports, spare parts besides equipment management, alternative recovery plan management.