HOUSYS parking information system is the most flexible solution to meet car park operational requirement.

Parking Information System

PARKSURE Parking Information  System provides drivers with a real-time indication of available parking spaces at multiple zones of parking area. The system has been designed to offer driver parking vacancy information at entrance of zone/floor.
•  Economical solution
•  Eliminates stress for drivers
•  Ease and convenience provided
•  Lower maintenance costs
•  Provision to integrate fire system
•  Provide managed and controlled traffic
•  Improved concentration on traffic conditions
•  Display unit will act as independent control unit for entry/ exit gate
•  Instantly obtain hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual statistics
•  Constant monitoring of the correct operation of the system performance
•  Integrated barrier gate at zone entrance and exit help to Optimize parking area
•  Provision to toll free no. to provide parking status before reaching to the parking

Parking Information System comprises of following smart devices to design intelligent guidance solution.

Vehicle Counting Device:

The induction loop detecting the presence of vehicles and metallic objects.. It is designed to guarantee a stable detection in the long term. Vehicle loop sensor also send signal to the control panel about vehicle flow based on induction profile of vehicle category. Induction loop sensor installed at entry and exit points detect vehicle and send signal to the central processing unit.
•  No warm-up required
•  Two detector channels in a single unit
•  Both channels equip with separate output
•  Output and temporally Pulse on exit output
•  Self-tuning & complete environmental tracking
•  Dual channel can check direction movement
•  4 frequency adjustments to avoid all interference
•  LED status indicator for Detect, Power, and Fault indication

loop detector

Parking Zone Controller:
The zone controller is designed for the real-time monitoring sensors parameters. The sensors are connected via the RS 485 interface. The circuit may have up to 20 induction loop sensors. The device operates as a separate 3-port hub, so they can be connected in series.
•  20 detectors in RS485 loop
•  Ethernet network, 3 ports
•  Work as standalone unit
•  8 digital inputs for another parking systems status monitoring
•  7 digital outputs for another parking systems status control
•  Process input/output data between the controller and sensor
•  LED display connected to ZCU  reports lots detected by sensor


Central Parking Controller:
Central controller (CCU), the core of the whole system, is mainly responsible for the collection of parking information and data processing of the whole car park. Then send the feedback of the processed result to LED display to show car pork information. The Central unit have the data storage function and also connected to the server for real time data synchronization.
•  Power-overload protection included
•  Avoiding restart problem due to incidental power loss
•  Controller remains functioning, when system is offline
•  Galvanized steel whether proof finishing for  more durability
•  In built data memory chip to store all current operating data
•  In-built RS485 communication hub compatible to MODBUS


LED Display:
LED display shows direction and count of free parking spaces. LED display receives information in real-time from the system or ZCU assigned to it. LED displays help guiding drivers to find a free parking space.
•  Modular Design Highly visible and long life LED
•  Display spaces left for assigned area
• Optional disabled or customized notations
•  Animated arrow and X sign
•  Ultra light LED’s, brightness control.
•  Optional disabled or customized notations
•  Adjustable direction arrow (Up, Down, Left or Right)
•  “Full” indicator when all assigned spaces are occupied


Main Display Unit:
Display available parking to motorists and reduce traffic congestion within your facility. The Variable message signage allows you to convey messages to car park users before entering into the facility, to allow them to make a quick decision about where they want to park.
•  Low power consumption
•  High visibility distance
•  Digital printing and backlight
•  High visibility LEDs with adjustable intensity
•  Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
•  Arrow and cross signs to indicate open / closed areas
•  Show Real-time availability status parking’s facility

pis display

PARKSURE software:
It becomes the key element to obtain data about parking mobility and behavior. It is also the perfect tool to measure and compare marketing campaign’s impacts in the establishment. it stores historic data of the use of the parking facility to ease decision-making and predict future trends.

Electronic map of the parking space is embedded in the software, which can directly reflect the usage situation of the car park in real time. The operators can monitor the car park situation according to the electronic map.
•  Possibility to find your vehicle in the car park
•  Easy to use and easy to integrate with 3rd party system
•  Stats on the average occupancy of individual spaces or zones
•  Web software: everywhere, at any time, from any smart device
•  History of the last movements of individual parking spaces
•  monitoring and alerts of vehicles which have overstayed
•  Visualisation of your car park on a virtual map