HOUSYS LPR series systems help to recognize number plates in wide range of traffic solutions

ANPR System

ANPR is an Automatic image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. This technology is used in various security and traffic applications.

The technological design assumes that all vehicles already have the identity in the form of license plate so no additional transmitter or responder is required to be installed on the car.

The system uses illumination high resolution camera to take the image of the front or rear of the vehicle, then image-processing software analyzes the images and extracts the plate information into OCR. format. This data is used for enforcement, data collection, can be used to open a gate if the car is authorized or keep a time record on the entry or exit for automatic payment calculations.

The LPR system significant advantage is that the system can keep an image record of the vehicle which is useful in order to fight crime and fraud (“an image is worth a thousand words”). An additional camera can focus on the driver face and save the image for security reasons. A welcome display (which includes the vehicle number and driver name) is displayed in the large outdoor display in the back of the car.

• Multiple vehicles per user
• Count number of vehicles
• Customized report generation
• Interface with IP camera/DVR
• Vehicle detection 24X7 in real time
• Number Plate Recognition (NPR)
• Record entry/exit time and date
• Detect number plate of vehicle in motion
• Real time verification of incoming vehicle
• Real time alert for unauthorized vehicles
• Maintain database of captured images
• Maintain database of ANPR_SIM reports
• Import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel file format
• Parking lot management to control vehicle access, maximum stay time allowed and number of vehicles allowed

Camera(s) – that take the images of the car license plate (front or rear side)

Illumination – a controlled light that can bright up the plate, and allow day and night capturing and act as reflection trimmer.

Frame grabber – an interface board between the camera and the PC, allows the software to read the image information

Computer – System with Windows or Linux. It runs the LPR application which controls the system, reads the images, analyzes and identifies the plate, and interfaces with other applications and systems.

Software – the application and the recognition package with filter and report module in multiple formats.

Hardware – various input/output boards used to interface the external security devices.

Database – the events are recorded on a local database or transmitted over the network.


ANPR System Layout