HOUSYS provide two different technology for collecting and reporting pedestrian footfall data

People Counting System

Counting of people plays vital role in any retail business. People counting systems are used to estimate trends of visitors, to schedule staff work, to manage sales staff performance, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing activities.  Visitors counting makes the most efficient use of resources – people, time and money, which, in effect, leads to higher profits.
•  Eliminates repeated entries or exits
•  Collect statistics of attendance
•  Track and analyze visiting trends
•  Possibility of real time information
•  Evaluate effectiveness of your sales team
•  Possibility to omit strollers or shopping carts
•  Counts the number of entrances and exits separately
•  Remote configuration, management and diagnostics
•  Acknowledge conversion rates how many visitors become buyers
•  High count accuracy, typically achieving over 98% in standard locations
•  Validation of the counts from the possible recording by the camera

Video counting or Ultrasonic sensor is the most advanced type of people counting. Our systems use embedded software to make a robust and easily scalable solution.

Video Detection Camera:
Video stream people counting cameras offer the best way of ensuring accurate footfall and queue counting where dense crowding and slow moving pedestrian traffic occurs. This system works based on zoning or imaginary line technology to create entry and exit points virtually.


Ultrasonic Sensor Detection:
Ultrasonic Sensor counting system is most reliable and accurate system. Sensors have to mount at ideally suited location to detect direction and motion of objects passing from the zoning created at entry and exit points.


People Counting System Diagram