Automated Parking System

When you are looking for parking automation, you should definitely visit our website for detailed information. We are providing parking automation for more than a decade. With lots of expert professionals, we are able to provide customised parking solution to anyone by their needs.

Now, for your quest, parking automation system is designed to provide engineering solutions to reduce the area and volume required for parking cars. It is like a multi-storey garage. In this type of parking solutions, cars are parked on multiple levels in stacks vertically. It is mainly used to maximize the number of parking spaces in a way that the land usage can be minimum.

To eliminate the space wasted in multi-storey parking, we have introduced efficient mechanical system which is also known as automated parking solution. This type of parking automaton systems has similarity with multiple storage parking solutions but the difference is that in the parking automation systems, it has automatic car storage and retrieval options. You may also heard of mechanical parking, robotic parking, and automated vehicle storage system these are not other than the alias of parking automaton system.

We define parking automation systems into these categories-

Automated Guided Vehicle Parking-

This technology is mostly used in automated parking now-a-days. Different Vehicles are parked on pallets in the parking modules which are collected from the parking modules by the AGVs driving under the vehicle pallet and lifting it, then moving it out of the parking module into the system. These systems are vastly in operation on solid, finished concrete floors. With the help of our smart system, it can move in both lengthways and sideways directions along fixed paths and are also able to rotate on the spot. It also allows multiple, simultaneous parking and retrieval movements along multiple paths.

The Crane Parking Systems-

In this system, it uses a single mechanism to simultaneously perform the horizontal and vertical movements of the vehicle to be parked or retrieved in the parking system. The simultaneous horizontal and vertical movements allow the vehicle platform to move to and from one parking spot to another very quickly. The crane mechanism moves horizontal on rails. This system is typically located on the floor and ceiling of the parking system, and has a vertical elevator platform fitted where vehicles to be parked and retrieved are placed.

Puzzle Systems-

It offers the densest form of automated parking, mainly uses the floor area and they are often used in smaller systems. In a horizontal puzzle system a grid of pallets covers a solid floor, or steel frame, and each pallet is supported by a set of rollers and belts that are driven by motors fitted to the support frames underneath each pallet location.

The rollers and belts manoeuvre the pallets until the pallet with the required vehicle on is manoeuvre to the desired location such as parking module, elevator, etc. The pallet support frames are installed in all possible parking positions and typically there are two or fewer pallets than support frames per floor which provides the necessary free spaces to manoeuvre the pallets.

Though there are other parking techniques, but the above mentioned processes are the mostly efficient and used system around the world.

The Advantage of Automated parking with us-

When you choose us, we took the responsibility to double the parking capacity over comparably sized conventional garages. Our smart system is also able to provide the safe and secure parking of cars along with safety advantages for users. As the parking automaton is environment friendly, it needs compact and minimum construction & reduces exhaust gas emission. We are the most reputed brand with customer base around the world. To get efficient services, you should always choose us.