Applications of Tripod Turnstile Gate

We are all taken care of everything very seriously but whenever the case of security we are of utmost care because it is a concern related to our personal belongings or to our near and dear ones. Considering this need of many people several tripod turnstile gate suppliers offer their products to provide better security.

There are lots of gate barriers that secure people from unauthorized access or from any accidental mishappenings. These barriers are known in different forms with various specifications in several places such as pedestrian management systems, security integrated solutions, visitor management solutions and many others.

The first question that comes to our mind is what is Tripod Turnstile?

Tripod is a fixed barrier that is made up of three stainless steel bars at a fixed angle of 120 degrees. The motto of these Tripod Turnstile gates is to check and control the unauthorized access of people that don’t have valid cards to access these gates.

At the time of emergency, there is an option of the panic mode which drops the bars in the time of need so that anyone can move freely from both directions. In many office buildings tripod turnstile to distinguish between office employees of the same premises and the general public access.  Some of the reputed tripod turnstile suppliers in India offer their best products to solve the unauthorized access problem.

Advantages of Tripod Turnstile Gate

Enhanced Security  Tripod provides enhanced security by checking and controlling unauthorized access. The process involves a biometric reader or card reader that is already coded and registered with the authentic person when the individual shows their card in front of a biometric card reader that is pre-installed in the Tripod then after verification it opens the gate for a very short time and for a single person entry and the same process is followed during entry and exit. And if someone tries to take an unauthorized entry then the alarm will trigger and alert the security panel room.

Access ControlTripod turnstile can easily control any building access. Tripod turnstiles connect easily with cameras, doors and other security gadgets so that only authorized persons will get entry. One of the major benefits of this control system is that when some get entry and exit it can store information like location, time, and specific identity of every person. It also tracks people and accordingly identifies potential threats.

Full Height Turnstile GateFull height turnstiles gates are made up of rotating barriers that extend from the floor to the top of the turnstile, creating a full-height barrier that resembles a revolving door. Full-height turnstiles are available as a single unit or as a tandem unit that combines two turnstiles in a smaller footprint.

Full-height turnstiles are best suited for situations requiring higher levels of security, particularly in unmanned areas. Military bases, nuclear and energy facilities, distribution warehouses, and manufacturing plants are some of the most common users. A full-height turnstile is the best option for perimeter control, fence line security, and parking lot access.

Swing Turnstile

Swing turnstiles are visible or known as optical turnstiles. The material of the swing turnstiles can be tempered glass, stainless steel or acrylic glass. They can be regulated without using any type of physical barrier. Swing Turnstile manufacturers have also included features such as infrared sensors that scan the person’s means of identification, such as identity cards, and grant access.

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