Role of Barriers In Perimeter Protection

Safety is always a big concern for everyone, either at home or outside the premises. Security is of many types, either to check unauthorized entry or to protect from road crashes to protect you and your loved ones. What are their types? How does it work? How is it beneficial to you, we will discuss it in detail further but for now, we have to know what is a barrier, and what are their types & where they are used?

Safety BarriersSafety barriers ensure safety for all in many ways, such as if you are going outside with your vehicle, then to protect you from any damage after a collision. It is only possible due to the shifting of collision energy to a larger area, which minimizes the damage. The only reason for the damage is single point contact, that’s why energy is not transferred and damage occurred.

In another case, suppose you are living in a gated society, so you must have seen safety barriers to check and restrict unauthorized entry that also provides security to you and your loved ones.

With more and more advanced road technology, highways are designed to speed up your commute, significantly reducing travel time.  As we see in recent years the number of accidents is due to high speed and negligence due to some factors like drunk and driving, and sometimes it is due to high speed and sleep problems. So to mitigate these issues, the Road safety barrier is just like a boon to saving the lives of thousands of people, so numerous manufacturers of road crash barriers are available in the market to provide their services.

Now we are going to describe the types of barriers and how they work. There are usually two types of barriers that are commonly used-

Crash BarrierFor road safety crash barriers are used to check vehicles from colliding with obstacles like buildings, walls, rocks etc. even they are helpful to prevent your vehicle to go into drains, bridges and steep drops away. There are lots of crash barrier manufacturers and suppliers in India, and Houston is one of the most trustworthy names in this industry.

The main benefits of installing road crash barriers include:

  1. Increased traffic safety for vehicles and pedestrians.
  2. Requires less servicing than other types of equipment.
  3. Rationalize traffic, thereby reducing the potential for congestion. One of the best ways to ensure safety is crash barriers, which play a significant role to minimize road fatality and traffic control to a large extent. Crash barriers are unaffected even from high impact accidents, so it is ideal for express ways, highways and city roads.

Spike Barrier- Spike barriers are used in different ways and in different locations. It is one of the best road blockers against any forceful and unauthorized entry into some restricted areas like army bases, power plants, oil refineries, embassies, airports etc. In general, traffic police use spike barriers where numerous people don’t follow rules and come from the wrong directions. When someone enters from the wrong direction their wheel just presses the lever then automatically spikes are pop-up and due to this tyre bursts, and it is also known as tyre killer. At present, many spike barrier manufacturers in India, are providing their products of top quality.

Road Blocker-  In high-security premises such as embassies, air force statics, atomic power stations, data centres, etc., a Road Blocker prevents unauthorized entrances/exits by rising above the ground level upon receiving an input signal. It is used basically for anti-terror protection measures. Now, at present, many road blocker providers in India have very quality products.

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