Automatic Boom Barrier – a Perfect Solution for Streamlining Traffic Flow

Modern day traffic is difficult to manage, under such circumstances; we have new products like boom barrier that have come as a boon to help in managing the traffic effectively and efficiently.

The recent incidences of breaching of security, increasing cases of theft and robbery and lack of public safety have made it mandatory for us to have security systems that can ensure full-proof security. Thanks to the modern technology we now have tools and technology that has taken the security to the next level. Modern day security systems are mostly automated and works in real-time which has made them error free and work flawlessly.

The new security devices:

You would have often noticed horizontal metallic bars pivoted at an end, moving up and down granting access to people and vehicles. These metallic bars are called as boom barriers. There are different types of technologies on which boom barriers work but the most preferred the reason behind the popularity of electro-mechanically operated boom barriers is because this device comes with 24 VDC driver unit , this can run for longer duration without getting heated and hence can work rigorously following an intensive duty cycle.

Ways via which boom barriers operate:

Boom barriers can be operated via:

  • Push button
  • RFID tags
  • Loop Detectors
  • RFID reader
  • Remote control
  • Or any third party access control devices

Application of boom barriers:

Automatic boom barriers have become very popular owing to its cost-effectiveness, lesser maintenance, these products have become a popular choice, you can easily find one of these in the following places:

  • Level Crossing
  • Parking
  • Drawbridges
  • Checkpoints
  • Prohibited or restricted areas
  • Entrance of residential and commercial complexes
  • Toll booths
  • They are also used to control the flow of the traffic
  • Freeways
  • Entrance ramps etc.

Types of Boom Barriers:

There are variants of automated boom barriers available today; some of the popular in the league include the following:

  • Boom Barrier
  • Automatic Boom Barrier
  • Automatic Parking Boom Barrier
  • Traffic Boom Barrier
  • Barrier
  • Anti-Crash Boom Barriers

Key features of automatic boom barriers:

  • Low maintained
  • Weather-proof
  • Robust design
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective

This product has become epochal in today’s time when we have medium and heavy traffic flow which needs to be efficiently managed. Houston System comprehends with this idea and hence we have manufactured these products using state of the art technology and by bringing together the best talent in this domain. Automatic boom barriers cane be installed at toll plazas, parking area, shopping malls etc.

The efficiently designed boom barriers can run on intensive duty cycle without fail which makes this product highly reliable one. Some of the automatic boom barriers come with beam sensors. There is gamut of boom barrier designs available under one roof, moreover, all the manufactured boom barriers are of high standard and are manufactured following high-quality standards. To know more about our products you can get in touch with us today.

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