Automatic Toll Gate System Using Advanced RFID and GSM Technology

Introduction to Automatic Toll Gate System

Nowadays, everyone is busy with their daily schedule. And the collection of the toll is one of the time-consuming tasks that cause discomfort to the public. Automatic toll gate system uses innovative technology that provides Toll Management Solutions.  This is used to make toll collection automatically hence the passengers do not have to wait in a long queue for their turn.

While using this solution the vehicle does not need to stop at the gate. The transaction is done from the user account by reading the information from the tag in the vehicle using the RFID technology and the transaction detail is sent to the user’s mobile through the GSM technology. The purpose behind the introduction of this solution is to avoid the fuel loss, save the time in collecting toll at the toll plaza, avoid financial loss, control traffic and also provide Parking Management Solutions etc.

Proposed Method

The proposed method provides a time-saving solution for the toll collection and automatically control the vehicle moments at the toll plaza. This method work by placing a reader on the road and a tag is placed beneath the vehicle. Gate models are used to open and close the gate while the vehicle entering and exiting in the toll tax unit.

The RFID readers read the tag of the approaching vehicle and the vehicle information like size and model number is stored in the microcontroller based on the tag number. The toll charge of the ongoing vehicle is automatically transferred to the toll gate system by using that unique tag number. The transaction information is sent to the owner through the GSM modem. Variable Message Signs are displayed on the LCD that shows the status of the vehicle. This proposed method allows the passengers to pay the toll at toll plaza by making them automated. Another purpose of the automatic toll gate system includes signal breaking avoidance, vehicle theft detection, and tracking over speed vehicle etc.

System Architecture

Automatic toll gate system uses RFID and GSM technology for the toll collection. The RFID technology store and retrieve data using devices known as RFID tags. The tag contains antenna to enable them to receive and respond to radio-frequency queries from a RFID transmitters. The database plays an important role in the system architecture of this Toll Management Solutions.  The database is divided into three parts:

  • Administrator: This database contains all the information of central database as well as the toll plazas under construction.
  • Central: This database is managed by an administrator. If a vehicle passes through the particular toll plaza, then toll will be automatically deducted from the passenger’s account and this transaction is updated by a central
  • Integrated: The database is connected to the central database and is updated automatically. The records of all toll plazas are stored at the central

Circuit Modules of Proposed System

The RFID technique provides a unique identifier for the vehicles. The main function of the RFID readers is to interrogate the RFID tags. This system contains RF module which acts as both transmitter and receiver of radio frequency signal. These RFID tags are installed on each vehicle with reading and write memory. The RFID reader reads the data from the vehicle and compares it with the data in the computer database. The IR receivers are used to detect the location and position of the vehicle on the load cell plates. Transmitters emit the IR rays toward the receiver when vehicle cross the gate. Global system for mobile communications is a part of wireless mobile telecommunications that include high-speed circuit switch data, enhanced data environment etc.  GSM uses a method that is a combination of time and frequency division multiple access for providing best Parking Management Solutions.

Switching System

Switching systems are used to transmit the signals over the connection and perform subscriber related functions. Mobile service switching center control calls to and from the telephone and data systems. Gateway is used to interconnect two networks that are using different protocols to transfer information.


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