Better Traffic Management System with the Automatic Boom Barrier Gates

Let’s be honest- we witness an increasing number of threats on the roads. The diversions are all over the place and the threat of diverted driving isn’t something new. A large group of people get annoyed (sometimes, over-confident) to play cheap by sliding through the non-permissible zones. The boom barrier come very effective to function as an obstacle for people who either lose focus or break the traffic rules, knowingly. These barriers have long been used for security reasons at several Industrial areas and now they have found their application in regulating the flow of traffic.  This post will make you look at boom barrier get driver’s eyes back on the road when they see the boom barrier gate.

Most boom barrier gates can be categorized into two classes: impact resistant or non-impact resistant.

Since automated boom barriers have become functional, the toll management solutions has become very effective as they help regulate the flow of traffic at the boom gates. These barriers can also be used to reduce the space availability.

Impact resistant boom barrier– The impact resistant boom gate is one of the most used types of boom barrier as they function both as a physical obstruction and the visual prompt. They intense posts and overwhelming obligation can immediately stop a moving vehicle. But under the powerful force, this type of barriers get twisted or broken under the pressure. So, the impact resistant boom barriers are required to be replaced after every crash. They limit the traffic by reducing the speed of passing vehicle and decreasing the space for the passage.

Non- impact resistant boom barriers- These types of boom barrier are also called as the adaptable barrier because they are least dependent on physical quality to stop the vehicle passage. They function by anticipating impacts to warning the drivers from the untouchable region. These types of boom barriers empower safe and good driving habits. But when the driver still happens to bump upon the barrier, their vehicle will get slight resistance instead of a hard stop. They fold down under weight, and prohibit the damage to both the boom barrier and the vehicle. This mode of operation makes them perfect for low-speed zones

Visual indicators

Visual indicators are the best way to alert the drivers from entering into a danger zone. Any responsible driver would stop their vehicle upon reading the basic sign that states no entry or entry of approved vehicles. Such signs are sufficient to prevent the entry of vehicles into non-permissible areas. But the signs are often missed, usually ignored by careless motorists, and that is where boom barrier gates play their role. Yet the best damage reduction for vehicle owners would be avoiding such areas and driving their vehicle with proper attention. Both the impact resistant and non-impact boom barrier design should have visual signs to improve the traffic management methodologies.

Usually, the boom barriers when put in a line, on a straight diversion or around a curve, they make the clear obstacle for vehicles to pass through—which then, indicates drivers to back off. Boom barrier variety, size and colour influence how clear they are for drivers. Boom barrier gates having reflective bollards, intelligent surfaces, are considered perfect for dark areas and night conditions.

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Capabilities of an Access Control System of Automatic Boom Barrier Gates

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