Eastland’s People Demanding Answers On Social Media For Ticketless Paid Parking

Car parking is the major issues concerning many people across the globe and introduction of new paid parking system in Eastland has received some serious negativity from the people. The ticketless paid to park as a part of modern traffic management system will automate the parking system in Eastland.

New feature of the Eastland Parking:

The new ticketless parking system at Eastland, will not ask the commuters to wait for hours to collect parking ticket and then move ahead to park their vehicles. Moreover, the paid system will deter those commuters who only used Eastland free parking to park their cars and shop off-site. The monetary association with the parking system will only draw those who are interested in buying at Eastland. This will eventually help the shops in the mall to increase their sales. Moreover, the new feature of automatic boom barrier at the parking will ensure the smooth inflow and outflow of cars. The boom barrier will only open after the person pays the parking fee.

Some Opposition:

Despite automatic boom barrier control system of the paid parking at Eastland, the move has not been well accepted by the people. The local people said that they would prefer going to place where they get free parking rather pay at Eastland. The parking fees have received a negative response from those who bore the noise pollution and other disturbance for months because of the development of the automatic boom barrier parking system.

But now, the system is in place and is running amid the acceptance and opposition of people. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure that the future of traffic management lies in the automated way of managing it. Boom barrier and its automatic version are the new modes of controlling and managing the traffic on the road or in the parking.

Why it is important to have boom barriers?

Boom Barriers are no mere gates controlling the flow of traffic rather it has some indirect benefits, the like of which includes the following:

  • Proper security checks of the vehicle
  • Stops the motorist and car owners from evading toll taxes
  • Allows management of traffic
  • Prevents chaos on the road

Overall it’s an effective way to manage the traffic. The automatic boom barriers seem to wipe away the age old manual barrier gates. This automatically controlled system works on programming that has been preinstalled in the system. Once it receives approval from the operator the gate automatically opens. This allows timely collection of parking fees or toll taxes depending on the place where automatic boom barrier has been installed.

Lately automatic boom barriers have emerged as a popular medium of parking management solutions. Being automated the vehicle owner cannot trespass the gate without paying; the Eastland automated parking management solutions is a good example of it.

Parking is a big issue at many places and Eastland was not new to this, the introduction of parking management solution was much needed and it can with the new plan of paid parking. Like every new policy, the new parking management solution at Eastland has received acceptance and rejection but this system will surely help to manage the traffic flow.

Our role: Houston System is a believer of modern technology being the only way to effectively manage daily affairs. Catering to automatic parking management solutions we have designed automatic boom barriers and another version of boom barrier gate that will work effectively even under rigorous conditions.

Key Features of our automatic boom barrier

  • Free from wear and tear
  • Vandal free
  • Weather-proof
  • Rugged and robust design
  • Customizable
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective

In the tenure of our work, we have catered many clients with the requirement for parking management solutions. Our work has always been to provide great and quality products to our customers. To know more about our parking management solution products, get in touch with us today.

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