How A Boom Barrier Can Help You To Efficiently Manage The Security Of The Building Complex

Security is the biggest concern of everyone today. The growing pace of technology has rendered us some great products that have completely transformed the security system. Apart from security guards, building complexes and societies are now more inclined towards the use of modern tools and devices of security like CCTVs, boom barriers, flap barriers etc. These invention of the modern security system are not only safe but effective too. Unlike security guards who might fail sometimes to perform their duties, boom barriers and CCTVs work 24*7 leaving no loop open.

First, let us understand what is a boom barrier ?

Boom barriers are horizontal bars that are positioned on a pivot and move up and down. These boom barriers act as traffic control device, it controls the movement of vehicles and at the same, it ensures that the vehicle or person passes through the barrier only after thorough security check. Automated version of boom barriers is also available since the automate version of barriers is controlled by the authorities hence, it ensures passage of a person or vehicle only after the approval of authorities.

You can find these at a railway crossing, parking areas, sensitive areas, and restricted zone.  The current application these automated barriers are seen in gated society and building complexes. Apart from these areas, boom barriers are also used at toll gates.

Different version of Boom Barriers:

If you have been living in a perception that boom barriers are those long iron bars placed at pivots and the movement is controlled manually then, all this is a relic of the past. Modern day boom barriers have not only evolved but have also been transformed into different versions like:

  1. Hydraulic
  2. Electromechanical
  3. And age old manually operated ones

Whatever be your area of application , boom barriers can be customized and prepared to match your needs.

The growing popularity of boom barriers:

Most of the societies and building complexes that are being constructed today have a preponderance of automatic boom barriers. The prime reason behind the same is that they want to ensure security and safety of people living in the residential apartments. Although traditionally security guards have been a popular medium to ensure the safety of the society , yet with the upsurge of the modern mechanism of security the system has become more advanced and guarantees better safety measures.

Most of the building complexes are inclined towards using automated boom barriers and there are various forms of it available in the market which can be used , some of these includes:

  1. Remote control
  2. Loop Detectors
  3. Push Button
  4. RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  5. Third party access controls device

You can make a choice of kind of device you want in your society. The best part about companies manufacturing these automatic boom barriers is that they can customize the products according to you need. Building complexes might not need a very complex type of boom barriers, the push button or remote-controlled boom barriers will work well in these societies.

What makes boom barriers a good security system:

There are a number of factors which collaborates to make them an ultimate security solution:

  1. They can work 24*7 without wear and tear
  2. Vandal free
  3. Can be customized as per the requirement
  4. Allows access of only permitted vehicles and people
  5. Allows better and efficient security check

Futuristic Approach:

As a real estate developer, if you are planning to build a building complex or as an authority, if you want to ensure the safety of people living in your area, boom barriers should be your first call to ensure safety and security. This state of the art machinery has become an integral part of not on security system but at the same time, they have gained popularity as a part of traffic management system on roads, highways and parking area.

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