Boom Barriers the Modern way of Traffic Management and Control

Precaution is better than cure; the age old adage has knocked the minds of many after many incidents of mismanaged traffic flow which has resulted in traffic congestion, road rage etc.

Thanks to the technological advancement, we have new systems and devices which have helped in managing the traffic. We now have the use of boom barriers across various places like residential complexes, offices, parking areas etc.

What are Boom Barriers?

Boom Barrier or Boom Barrier gates are horizontal poles or bars pivoted to manage the flow of the vehicle by allowing or halting the vehicle. The boom barriers have evolved from traditional manually operated ones to the automatic boom barriers. Taking into consideration the current scenario where we can see the digitization of the Road traffic control and management system and digitized approach towards everything, the need for an automatic boom barrier is at the zenith. They find huge applicability at railway crossings, toll gates, check posts, parking areas, restricted or prohibited areas etc.An automatic boom barrier can be controlled via An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through:

  1. Remote Control
  2. Loop Detectors
  3. Push Buttons,
  4. RFID tags
  5. Third part access control device.

As mentioned above, syncing boom barriers with RFID tags makes them more efficient. With the help of the RFID tags, boom barriers become even more safe and ensures flawless security of places.

You definitely need one of these in your offices and residential apartments where even the slightest of lack of security may result in unauthorized entry. Even in the parking areas where you so many vehicles moving in and out, it is difficult to control and manage the vehicle flow, but, with the help of automatic boom barriers you can easily manage the vehicle movement and also keep a record without much manual interference.

The need of Boom Barrier:

Coming to the point of safety of people which an automatic boom barrier surely ensures; there lies an immediate need to install these boom barrier gates in areas which are marooned and isolated. Usually places like areas with heavy traffic flow and it becomes difficult to manage he traffic manually.

The best part about automatic boom barrier is that it automatically moves down once the signal for the arrival of the train is seen at the railway crossing and it only moves off once the train has passed the crossing. This indicates the commuters and vehicles to stop and thus many accidents can be prevented.

The Way Ahead                                                                                                      

The technology has a lot to offer and everything it has till now has simplified our lives. Automatic boom barriers are just another example of how a small piece of metal controlled by the computer can prevent serious injuries, ensure security and safety of people. Houston Systems strongly propagates the idea of having one of their products installed at the required places. After all there nothing more important than life.

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Capabilities of an Access Control System of Automatic Boom Barrier Gates

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