The normal function of Traffic lights and boom barrier is to control and coordinate the traffic throughout the railroad level crossing.  A variety of different control system is used to accomplish this, from simple clockwork mechanism to the roadblock system. This helps to minimize delay and decreasing the rate of accidents.

Traffic light:-

The lights which control the direction and flow of traffic with its color. Every color has a different indicator, which has to be followed by a driver while driving on a road.  Traffic lights have 3 colors of lights in it, red, green and yellow each of them made for different purposes. The process at traffic lights is also really simple: green = go / yellow = slow down, red = stop.  If the red light indicates on the pole, then you have to stop your vehicle and have to wait for the green signal to move again.which helps to maintain traffic control.

Effects of the traffic light:

  • Much fewer accidents by cause of stopping at traffic lights.
  • Cities are more functional because circulation is managed in a way much better.

Boom barrier:-

Boom Barrier, also known as boom gate, it is a pole to control the vehicle access in crossings and intersections to restrict traffic. Some Boom barriers are totally manual as they are controlled by a man, whereas some are fully automatic. Boom Barrier manufacturers are now making booms with the sensor system, as you can see the toll barriers when a vehicle enters in the toll plaza, Boom barrier automatically blocks the way and when you give your payment, it makes the way for you.

Effects of Boom Barriers:

  • Reduce the rate of accidents.
  • Traffic is controlled in a planned way.

Boom  bollards:-

Boom Bollards mainly used in high traffic areas to reduce vehicle impact, its way of construction and reliable operation make it one of the most effective and flexible way of managing traffic, It  can be used both in indoor and outdoor environments, for example, high-security zones of government & military areas, corporate house, hotel, markets, square areas, entertainment events, sports centers, shopping centers, trade fair pavilions, conference halls. These are the metal cylinders with ultra high resistance which is housed

Inside the compartment of the road and discourage traffic or parking. It comes with automatic and semi- automatic versions. Automatic bollards are raised with hydraulic operated actuator whereas semi-automatic bollards are activated by a key operated control.

Comparison between the traffic light and boom barriers:-

  • Some boom barriers are manual and they are heavy to lift, but other side traffic lights are totally automatic which saves time.
  • Traffic light indicates us the directions, where to move. Whereas no indication is given by a boom barrier.
  • We can prepare ourselves according to the numbering, on the traffic lights but there is no numbering showing on boom barriers and we don’t know when to move.
  • Boom barriers are not easily visible in night time where as traffic lights are always giving us an indication.
  • There is one advantage of boom barrier, that no one get passed through it if the boom is down. Whereas anybody can break traffic light and go through the red light which can cause an accident.

Traffic lights are more effective than boom barriers and Boom Bollards. They are used in most of the countries to control the traffic on the highway, where huge numbers of vehicles are moving throughout the day. Boom barriers and boom bollards are only useful for railway crossings, toll plaza’s, parking area and also used in entry gates of the school, colleges, and offices.

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